A whiter shade with more verses?

Someone mentioned to me that Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” has more verses than we normally hear on the radio, but that finding said verses on a recording is difficult, as they’d normally only do it live. Does anyone know if there are albums out there that contain the ‘extra’ verses to the song?

The lyrics from the official site (Dig the ghostly portraits in the background). It goes on to say:

You know, I have always loved this song. I play rock organ and do a reasonable job with WSoP. When my former band was doing a cover project, I thought this was the perfect song. No one else in the band agreed and vetoed the song . “Too church-y” was the reason given. None of them recongized it. Same with No Woman, No Cry. And we didn’t have the required horn section for The Ides of March’s “Vehicle”.