A whole mess o' comix trade paperbacks and more...

I need to get rid of this stuff. Help me, Dope! Let’s say everything is $5 apiece.

Trade paperbacks:

V For Vendetta, 1989. First Printing. Totally a “reading copy”. It has been well used. Though everything is there, and it’s in good shape, it has suffered some page yellowing and whiting around the edges.

Watchmen, 1987. Fifth Printing. Another reading copy.

Hellboy: The Right Hand of Doom, Weird Tales Volume 1 and Volume 2. Near mint.

Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway. Near mint.

Sandman, Vol. 1 (Preludes and Nocturnes), 2 (The Doll’s House), 7 (Brief Lives), and 10 (The Wake). Definitely reading copies. #1 says “Free Inside! CD-ROM with 400 pages from DC Comics’ best-selling books” on the cover. I do not have the CD-ROM (and don’t think I ever did).

Hardcovers (by Neil Gaiman, except as noted):

*Sandman, The Kindly Ones.

Sandman, World’s End.

Sandman, Endless Nights.

Sandman, Book of Dreams* (stories, ed. by Gaiman and Ed Kramer)

*American Gods

Smoke and Mirrors*

I’ve been meaning to Ebay this stuff for a long time. Please don’t make me do it!

Would love to sell it in one huge lot. Let me know!

I’ve never read Sandman before, but I’d like to. Can I read those without any backstory, or without missing in-between parts of the story? And are they, as I hope, all graphic novels?

$40 for 8 of them, right?

You can jump right into Preludes and Nocturnes. It’s the first in the series. Doll’s House immediately follows it. After that, there’s a gap of several books in the overarching storyline. I pick it back up at Brief Lives, and have the rest of the books, up through Endless Nights. The first two are a great intro to the series, but you may want to locate the in-between books if you want to make sure you get the whole story (and it’s worth it!)

All but Sandman, Book of Dreams are graphic novels. So, let’s say $35 (unless you want the non-graphic novel as well)?

Brief Lives is maybe readable without having read the intervening material, but it’s really the climax of the series; you’d definitely not want to read The Wake without reading everything else first, as it’s the last volume and is all about revisiting the characters and events introduced earlier.


Yeah, I think I did it that way to begin with because I had all the original comics up until Brief Lives, and then lost the thread of the story. IIRC, I was catching up.

Ok! Let’s do details over PM.