A wicked prank with a cellphone!!

First fetch your close friend’s cellphone, and do a little thing on it that you substitute another one’s name

or the telecom firm’s number for your name. The rest thing any of you can tell is that sending a

message reading 'Mr XXX, you are caught for addressing XXX(a adult-only web) too much, and

please go to the police station to have your thing done’, or saying '‘Dear Mr XXX, you’ve payed 10000$ for your last consumption in Setp 1st …’ in the name of some bank, or giving him/her a call directly any interesting and wicked thing you could image.

Haha, am I wicked? :smiley:
PS:this is my first time posting a thread(is this one suitable here?)

Since when will the police do your thing?

It would not be the first adjective that comes to mind.

I suppose, considering the nature of the stuff in the earlier thread, What’s the cruelest practical joke you’ve heard of? that it might be acceptable. (I’ll let the Mods for the MPSIMS and IMHO fora make that call.)

However, if you are actually 13 or older (the minimum age to post on this board), you might want to look around and get a feel for other threads. Posting in colors will win you no respect and laughing at your own attempts at wit will not win you a lot of friends.

You’re not out of line and have broken no rules, but you might want to understand both the content and the context of how most folks post. (Not that there is not a lot of really odd stuff posted, but it does have its own character to it.)
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Q: But what if he’s Blue…?

(da ba dee, da ba dah) (da ba dee, da ba dah) (da ba dee, da ba dah)

Not a big fan of cruel practical jokes. Anything that might cause behavior that can be harmful or distressful to the jokee. That’s manipulative and abusive the way I see it, and just because it’s under the label of a “practical joke”, doesn’t mean it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love practical jokes, but they should be clever and minimize any potential destructive action the jokee still might take while under the ruse. Something like the one mentioned above is not a joke in my opinion, rather someone’s friend being a major asshole. Don’t attempt anything like that unless you’re a complete fucktard.

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I’m impressed with the other posters in this thread because I personally have no idea what the OP is talking about one bit. :confused:

  1. Secretly access a friend’s cell phone.
  2. Edit the address book/frequent contacts entry that is you.
  3. Change your name (“Bob”) to “Sprint” or “Acme Bank” or “Chicago Police Department”.
  4. Later, text friend with scary message.
  5. Big Laffs!

No no no, you have it all wrong. Step 2 is ??? and Step 3 is Profit!

Could tell a more properly adjective here?
n what is the exact meaning of posting in colors(or some special colors)?

PS:I find you on this planet are all neighborly and friendly to me a new traveller from the planet Mercury.

PLS point out any where my inappropriate choice of words or wrong accidence in the text.

umm…I will lie fallow more before I grow up. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know the first thing I’m interested in after interplanetary journeys is some good ol’ fashioned crank calls… and then posting about in on the internet…

Oxygen is a harsh mistress.

Well played, lol.

She certainly ain’t choosy.

I’m not sure that semperdcy understands the gravity of this situation.

picks up cellphone

Hey semperdcy! Want 2 C this?

Oh, c’mon guys, obviously, he/she/it* is telling the truth. English is obviously not his/her/its* native language.
*in case it’s an alien from a race that has no sex/gender/whatever

This thread makes me recall a situation that happened a couple of years ago. I was teaching a youth group at church and one of the boys in the group would prank call me about 10 times a day. One day he left his phone unattended and I changed my phone number by one digit. He was very embarrased when he found out what happened and has not prank called me since.

I guess you just walk into the place and say “Will you please do my thing”? I don’t want to be the first one to try it, but if it works, I’ll be sure to be the first one to videotape it.

You forgot to irradiate your friend’s money.

I’m starting a pool on what the OP eats for breakfast. Email me if you want in.