A wine to avoid

Cheverny 2002 ‘Le Vieux Clos’. Simply appalling. Very tart and vinegary.

Thanks for the warning. I just Google’d and mostly saw it for sale in the UK, so luckily it doesn’t seem to get over here much. Lots of sites for “fine French wine, (GBP) 5.49 a bottle”. Hmm.

“This isn’t a wine for drinking, it’s a wine for laying down and avoiding!” - Guide to Australian Table Wines, Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Does ‘Le Vieux Clos’ mean ‘close your eyes’? Hardly reassuring.

Tart and vinegary? Sounds like maybe it went bad.

Don’t let the price scare you. I’m not sure of how and why it happens, but, at least here in the States, you can occasionally find surprisingly good wine very cheap. I’m not sure how and why it happens, but the importer or wholesaler finds themselves loaded down with this wine that, for some reason they couldn’t sell. Perhaps a big retailer opts out at the last minute, and so the wholesaler has to get rid of it quickly. At any rate, my favorite wine shop has been selling an excellent Bourgogne Pinot Noir for…5.95/bottle. That’s dollars, by the way, not pounds. My wine merchant tells me it would normally sell for around $18./bottle, and that restaurants serve it for $11/glass. I occasionially also see similar-quality Italian imports at comparable prices. I rarely see California wines that can touch these imports for anywhere near the price, and I live in California. Go figure.

Possibly, but it doesn’t taste corked. It tastes like very poor wine.

Drool… what you’ve probably got there is excess Premier Cru (they’re only allowed so much), so buy a case or two and lay it down.

“This is not a wine for drinking. This is a wine for laying down, and avoiding.” - Monty Python, Australian Table Wines

I think it’s called Chateau de Preneuf. The picture on the label is a smallish two-story country house, hardly a “Chateau” in the sense of “castle”. The vinage is '98.

A very good year in Burgundy, despite poor weather. These wines can be kept.

Double drool…

I’m not really a French speaker, but I think that it actually means “the old copse” (or grove).

Spectre, I know that price in wine is not an indicator of performance. But even here you rarely find an inexpensive wine marketed as “fine”. More like “great value” or somesuch. Or not advertised at all, which is why it’s cheap. Please pick up a case of that Burgundy for me, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Nah, more like my ex-wife.

Skip the Caveat Emptor '93 as well.

I would also advise you to avoid the Chinese rat wine.

It’s not got much rat in it.

I’ve tasted Chinese wines at a commercial food and drink fair. They were foul.

This is a bottle best used for hand to hand combat…

A bottle with a message in, and the message is “BEWARE”.

I’m trying to imagine how Jilly Goulden would describe that one.

Dopers in the States that want a nice table wine might want to check the Luna di Luna line of blended varietals.

Mrs. Moto and I particularly like their 70% Sangiovese - 30% Merlot blend, and can regularly get it for about $7 on sale.

Having been on a low buget, I know 1st hand how awful

these are.

You know, up until I found that link, I had no idea Ernest & Julio Gallo vinted both Night Train & Thunderbird.