A worthy cause? Cancer research...

There’s a web site similar to seti@home that is doing molecular research using the distributed computing model in an effort to develop a cancer cure. There’s a Straight Dope team - if you’re interested in donating some CPU cycles, here’s the link:


You don’t need a full-time internet connection to join, just a PC that’s on sometimes. Let’s see how many SDMB members we can get involved.

What are the minimum system requirements? Although I have a very fast connection, my computer is old, short of memory, and slow (133 Pentium I).

I believe any Pentium-based machine should be fine. The site lists minimum requirements.

Okay, I’m signed up. How long until this thing cures cancer?

Well, that’s depressing. Two days and only 3 of us signed up. Nobody else?

I signed up after seeing this link elsewhere. I’m going to see if anybody (friends or users of my site) signs up under my team. If not, I’ll join the SD team. I trust you also won’t mind if I jack the UD link from your sig?

As it happens, I’ve been on this thing quite a while but didn’t know we had an SDMB team going. It’s not carrying my points over though. :mad:

It’s too bad, I have about 10k :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded it, and will sign up in a bit.

How is this supposed to help cure cancer? Is it searching the human genome for clues or something?

Bumping to page 1.

I just downloaded the software and joined the team. This is a great idea.

I’ve joined, and I have to say that it’s a very cool screen-saver. Is there any way to maximize it?

Now I feel like I’m in a big contest. I have a pretty fast cable connection, so I will rock!

I’m gonna set my work computer to run it too. That ought to bring up the SD team numbers.

I’ve been doing it since April 4th so while you don’t see me on the straight dope team. I’m there under Huggy Bear, in memory of my youngest son.


I joined yesterday, but I’m gonna be in dead last the whole way for two reasons:

  1. I live in California, so I shut down my computer when I won’t be using it for a few hours to save electricity

  2. My computer sucks. Their program says I’m at 27% of their standard.

Still, every little bit helps, right?

There are a couple ways to bring it up:

[li]If, when you installed the program, you set it to run all the time, rather than just as a screen saver, there is a little icon in the taskbar, in the lower right hand corner of your screen. It looks like a blue oval with yellow dots. Or,[/li][li]If you installed it to only run as a screen saver, you can still bring it up by going to the start menu --> programs --> United Devices --> UD Agent.[/li][/list=1]

I should tell you, however that this does not bring up the same screen as the screen saver. It is first a screen that displays information about your computer and statistics and stuff. To get to the molecule-protein screen, you need to click the button in the lower right corner of that window with the ‘i’ in a circle.

Also, it should be noted that when you have this window open, the program is continually looking for interactions, which is not recommended for computers with little RAM. I agree though, it is cool to look at. :slight_smile:

Well, according to the information screen, “[This program] is a computer-aided drug design program that models interaction between potential drug molecules and a target protein that is involved in the growth of cancer. Finding positive interactions between molecule and protein could lead to a cure.”

So, no the genome project isn’t involved at all. It just tests random molecules with random proteins and hopes for a reaction.


I’ll be in my new house in 1 month - When I get there I’ll have a DSL (Yes, that’s the correct grammer), and at that time I’ll sign up. I promise

I am going to college Aug. 15 so I will download it then and join the team. I am already part of the one searching for the AIDS cure on my computer at home.

Coldfire told me about this yesterday (he found the link on your site, Abby - just so you know that having it there is working), but I hadn’t had time to install it yet. I just did, and joined the SD team. Also got my sister, chocolate, to join (though she hasn’t posted here in ages), and I’ll tell Coldy to do join as well, since he’s already got it downloaded. And Spiny Norman, of course. :slight_smile:

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

Thanks Shayna, it’s been there since April (before I was introduced to the SDMB) and Coldfire is the first person see the page that I know about. It’s an easy way to be contributing and the screen saver is interesting isn’t it?


I just joined the SD Team! This is great.

But I was wondering: what are the benefits of us being in one team? I mean, it doesn’t speed things up or anything, right? Is it just a “group thing”?

well, i am downloading it as we speak and i will shortly be the 27’th Straight Dope Anticancer team member.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bound networking cyclesharing utilities!