A writing sample I found amusing

The above was written by my son as part of a project based on the book Chasing Vermeer. The project had multiple options. One was to write a passage based on a different point of view than the original. Some of the above is a bit overwrought, though I’ve not read the original, so it may be similar. And sometimes he uses a $10 word when a 0.25 one would do. Still we find it pretty amusing to see how our kid’s brain works.

How old is he? He certainly has a voluminous vocabulary and seems to be having fun flexing it. I did the same thing in my writing when I was in high school - more for the sake of showing off than literary merit (and I’m sure I’d cringe to read some of the stuff I wrote then). I’d advise him to cut out the adverbs.

He’s eleven and just finishing up the fifth grade.

Wow - in that case I’m impressed. I was thinking at least 15 or 16.

Must be a Doper Kid.
My son is 11 and in 5th grade and uses BIG WORDS ALOT.

His writing skills are more along the lines of non-fiction. He doesn’t have the fiction gene for writing, I fear.
Your son gets an A+++++ from me.

Wow! That was GREAT for a kid! I think your son has a future as a writer, if he chooses to go in that direction. Definitely give him encouragement!

Thanks for the kind words. As I said, we tend to get a chuckle out of his stuff at times, even if I get a bit worried about some of his POV. And found out this morning he got the President’s Education Award, which from what I can gather is a mix of high marks and teacher nomination and high score on the FCAT*.

*Florida standardized test.

I’ve read many book reports on that book, and that was by far my favorite :slight_smile:

Runs: are you a teacher? Is the book worth a read for an adult with a youthful perspective (and ancient body)?