I am having trouble getting my A4V presentations being discharged by the IRS technical Support Division c/o UCC
Contract trust. Any suggestions on how to get this process working?


The only GQ worthy answer to this question is “pay the IRS.” There are no secret words to make them go away.

A4V is not real. You’ve been had. Pay what you owe.

Now I’m curious, what is A4V? Any good page debunking it?

A4V is “accepted for value”.

Cecil’s article:

What do you think is supposed to happen and why?

Since the OP is looking for legal advice, let’s move this to IMHO.

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You need to use the correct magic words.
Oh, and - watch the fringe on the flags!

When you send the bill back to the IRS with A4V written on it, be sure you also add a yellow fringe around the edges.

Sounds like you’ve inadvertently created joinder with the IRS.

You’re screwed.

Wait did the OP create joinder or did their strawman?

Did the person who is the OP create joinder, or did the person’s agent? Was it Lion815 or LION815?

Lion of the Family 815.