Aaaah, aah, aah ah; Eeeee, ee, ee, ee <-- WTF *is* this, on radio??

that’s no fun.

Wait, I know! It was “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov!

Its otto knows - Million voices, tho some of the remixes are even better, enjoy & i hope u haven’t given up cause of all the wrong answers :’) damn some were far away

No, it’s not - check post #73 for the real answer.

The name of the song is “million Voices” by Ottoknows, I hear the song the other day at a friends house and had it in my head for a couple if days till I found it today :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you even read the thread?

Maybe James Otto knows.

It’s a struggle just to get your average doper to read all the way through before shooting their post off and you expect a random googler to pay better attention?

Yeah, but the exact post right before his was one debunking the exact same wrong guess!

I highly doubt they read anything but the opening post, made their comment and vanished off back to the net.

At first I thought you might be serious, but now I realize you are only JOSHing.

[Insert an appeal to your choice of deity for a random blessing to be bestowed on the poster and whoever else you may be thinking of here.] [Insert an excessive amount of incredibly annoying smilies here.]

This is one time when leaving a zombie unlocked serves no useful purpose, so I’m going to lock it.