AAARRRRGGGGHH my uvula!!! (gross and TMI)

So I had a little too much to drink last night (wet t-shirt contest night at a lesbian bar; it really merits a thread all its own). OK, a lot too much to drink.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, my uvula was swollen to the size of a shooter marble. I’m practically gagging on it every time I swallow. I can totally see it in the mirror when I open my mouth, swingling obscenely like a fleshy pendulum. I’m seriously grossed out by my own appendage here.

Now, I’m asking for experiences and WAGs, not medical advice, and I realize that YANAD (unless you are), but…is this normal? How did this happen? Did I just swell it up by snoring all night? Did I irritate it with booze? Is it a gentle reminder from my body, saying “hey, you could easily have asphyxiated last night, buddy?”

Help! (gag) :eek:

It’ll behoove ya’, to care for your uvula!

Happened to my brother once, back when he was in high school. His uvula swole up 'till it was resting on his tongue. He saw the doctor about it and got some medicine that made it go 'way. My guess is, getting schnockered last night allowed some sort of nasty bug to grab hold of your uvula. I find I’m much more likely to come down sick after a night of heavy drinking.

Man, I hope you’re saying “bug” in the euphemistic sense of a germ. The idea of a roach or spider crawling into my gaping snorehole and chowing on my uvula is…disturbing, to say the least.


It happens to me, but only when I inadvertently eat something containing Brazil nuts.

No idea why, who ever heard of an allergy that affected just one body part? But it sure does suck, like you said. That swollen, gross thing hanging down and feeling it with every movement of your tongue…horrible feeling.

Ah, yes. Here “bug” = germ, not creepy-crawly-thing-with-too-many-legs.

Normally, I’m not allergic to cats. But some old friends of mine in Dallas had a cat to which I was allergic. I had that problem any time I crashed at their house. For days afterwards, I feel like I was swallowing the roof of my mouth.

If you need a transplant, we have a Uvula Donor who posts here.

Ohhhh Uvula, I was reading it as Vulva.


Holy crap, so was I.

Now read the second paragraph of the OP and pretend you’re reading about a vulva.