Choking and Gagging on a Swollen Uvula

I’m having cold symptoms right now, but this is the first time in my life that my uvula has swollen up. It’s bad. I’m having a hard time speaking and swallowing.

Is this something that needs to be checked out further by a doctor, or is it a side-effect of my cold that will go away when the cold does?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest you see a doctor ASAP. If the swelling continues, you could require intubation (a breathing tube) to breathe. It’s MUCH safer to get checked out and sent home then to stop breathing and find out that the paramedics can’t get a tube past your swollen uvula and have to cut into your thrachea (throat).

Plus, if it’s a bacterial infection that’s secondary to your cold, then you should be on antibiotics for it. Only a doctor can tell.

The mods get mad at us when we offer any advice that could be construed as medical.

I always get freaked out when I have trouble speaking. If I were you, I’d seek a doctor. But that’s me.

Why are all the google ads for exotic mushrooms?

Probably because if I eat the “right” kind of exotic mushrooms, I won’t care about my swollen uvula any more.

Ugh. Can we at least agree that “Swolen Uvula” would be a terrible band name?

(I’m gagging a little each time I read it.)

Alice Sez it could be tonsillitis, or some other kind of bacterial/viral infection and should be checked, 'specially if you’re having trouble “swallowing, talking, or breathing”.

[checks OP]
[“speaking and swallowing”]

Two out of three.

Doctor up, dude. :smiley:

I did. $30 to be told I have a cold. :smack:

Actually, you paid $30 to make sure it was just a cold instead of something that could kill or maim you. Sounds like a bargain to me…

Way to take all the fun out of being a grouch.

I thought this thread ‘swollen vulva’.

Just another service we cheerfully provide! :smiley:

If you’re having trouble speaking and breathing because of a swollen vulva… get your damn face outta there!


You are not alone.


The page I linked to consists in hundreds of comments on someone’s “swollen uvula” blog entry which for the most part read about like this:


Also, I see, now you can buy an “I’ve got a swollen uvula” T-shirt from this guy. :slight_smile: Though why would you–you could just make that shirt yourself if you wanted one.


If it’s still bothering you, I remember this happened to my room mate. He made the swelling go down (temporarily at least) by sucking on popsicles. It was a really weird thing to see, I remember he was quite freaked out at first.

I knew I shouldn’t have opened this thread. But at least I know my gag reflex is functioning properly. Does my uvula look ok to you? :o