Aaron Paul in 'Serious Talks' to Star in 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff. POSSIBLE 'BREAKING BAD' SPOILERS.

If I recall correctly, when Jesse first met Saul, it seemed pretty clear that they didn’t know each other. So how could this work? :confused:

I know that Jonathan Banks is going to be a regular as Mike Ehrmantraut.

Having Mike makes sense but I don’t see how they can have Jesse.

The Rolling Stone article also mentions that Bryan Cranston would like to be a part of it, but that would make even less sense.

Is is possible that he would be playing a different character?

Or it could be done in a LOST (in the flashbacks) sort of way - where the characters are interacting with each other without knowing it.

Also - I think some people would forgive if there wasn’t 100% continuity.

I don’t remember enough to remember if they knew each other or not.

I didn’t read the linked articles (or anything else about Better Call Saul). Is it a given that the show will feature Saul before the events of Breaking Bad?

Easy. He had never met Saul, but he knew who he was. When Badger got busted, he went straight to Saul. Emilio knew Saul. Plenty of connections everywhere. We can’t have a scene in which Saul is counseling or defending Jesse, because that would demonstrate a prior relationship and demolish the continuity. But it easily be done by nothing more than showing Emilio meeting with Saul, and then going off to blaze a fatty with Jesse. Hell, damn near everybody in the show could be in the pre-BB Sauliverse, with the exception of maybe Walt and a few other people. You could even work Walt in, showing him berating his student Jesse. It’s going to take one hell of a makeup artist to make Jesse look like a high school student, though.

Yes. It’s definitely a prequel.

AuntiePam: yes, prequel. Remind me though: do we ever find out where Saul goes like we do for Walt (non-visually of course)?

Saul is big news (in a small town way) due to his crappy ads. Even Walt Jr. (IIRC) knew who he was. I doubt Jesse would forget.

Walt and/or Jesse: only in cameos and not sharing scenes please. Side story is okay.
Dean Norris (Schrader) was apparently in talks but dropped out it seems. He’d be “okay,” but can’t find out meth connections or suspect Saul in any way.
Ehrmantraut is necessary and he’s a cool character besides.

If I recall correctly, Jesse, when he recommended Saul to Walt, said that he knew people who had been helped by Saul. So maybe Saul could have a client who hangs with Jesse or does business with Jesse. Maybe Combo, Badger, or Skinny Pete; or maybe Crazy 8 or Emilio. Jesse wouldn’t have to meet or interact with Saul but could appear in scenes with Saul’s client.

And he’ll have to drop the weight he gained during the last couple seasons. Dude really pudged up.

IIRC, Jesse’s comment was, “you don’t need a criminal lawyer. You need a criminal lawyer.”

That was a great line.

The entire series will be Aaron Paul in character as Jesse giving lectures about his true calling, woodworking, which he takes up after escaping the Nazis. It will be called the New Crank-ee Workshop.

Does anyone else feel uneasy about this whole project? I don’t want anyone - not even Vince - diddling around with the perfection of Breaking Bad.

It’s been reported all along that Jesse and Walt might turn up in Better Call Saul at some point. Neither of them is going to star in the series. That would be a whole different thing and a really bad idea. In fact I’d rather not see Walt in the series because I think Breaking Bad gave us the perfect final image for him. That can’t be improved upon as far as I’m concerned, so I’d rather that be his last appearance. I’m not bothered by Jesse turning up in a prequel. That makes more sense anyway since he was a criminal before Breaking Bad started and Walt wasn’t. But if Walt does appear I won’t get bent out of shape. I continue to think this could be a really good show and I liked Breaking Bad too much to worry that they’re going to screw it up - and my memories of one show won’t depend on the other.

He aged from about 28 to 33 over the course of the series, and I’d say his weight and hairline changed accordingly. It happens and I’m not sure how much they can do about it. But it’s another reason they shouldn’t overrely on a 34-year-old Aaron Paul playing a 23-year-old Jesse.

As far as I know, the show never really said either way how well Jesse already knew Saul. For all we know, Saul could have already helped Jesse out in the past or been his lawyer before.

In the episode where we first meet/hear about Saul, the only thing Jesse says about knowing him (Saul) in any way is the line above, that Patch pointed out.

Seems to me, that can leave a lot of leeway and free room to move around in any sort of “Jesse and Saul had worked together before” stories.

Yep - and in a series of awesome lines, that still stands out as one of the best.

I’m still hard-pressed to narrow down my favorite scene from that show. Probably ‘This is not meth’ (with an amazing performance by Raymond Cruz and kick-ass bgm) but a close second to Yeah bitch! Magnets!)

When Walt and Jesse kidnapped Saul in ski masks and were threatening him out in the desert Saul displayed no recognition of Jesse’s voice, in fact, he thought that they were someone else. When the masks came off he did not react in any way as if he knew Jesse. Here’s the scene:

It’s not impossible their paths crossed at some point - Saul has plenty of clients and Badger’s case must have seemed run of the mill before the kidnapping. But Jesse’s involvement in whatever happens couldn’t be too memorable for Saul.

Well, I’m not really worried about it effecting my enjoyment of the previous series. I’m pretty good about just ignoring inferior prequels/sequels.

But yea, it has “train wreck” written all over it.

(FWIW: I think Fraiser had the right idea regarding spin-offs. Try and seperate it as much as possible from the original, avoid the urge to do to many guest-spots and don’t sweat continuity too much).

While it would be logistically impossible, I’d be fascinated if Better Call Saul ran for a few seasons and eventually “caught up” with Breaking Bad – maybe a season or two showing what Saul was doing off camera during Breaking Bad and eventually showing what happened to him after.