Ab energizers & similar devices

Do these electronic ab exercisers reallly work? Do they make the muscles contract? Or, is it just another TV scam? Anyone have any experience with these things?

I’ll take “Scams” for $200, Alex.

No, they don’t do anything useful. To lose weight, eat less and exercise. To strengthen your abs, do crunches or similar exercises.

I don’t have any referencible cite, but a friend of mine who was in a terrible car accident said their only real use was to stimulate muscle tissue that someone couldn’t stimulate on their own.

But they’re not going to give you Abs of Steel.

In order to get the kind of abs that crunches could give you, your muscles have to be stimulated to at least the same degree that crunches would. I don’t see those folks on tv doubling over from the force of the contractions. Maybe it’s a new tickling workout, I dunno.

Like everyone else has said, there’s not much to these unless you’re in a coma. Don’t waste the money.

In addition, I seem to recall reading in a thread here that there’s a risk that these things can malfunction, and burn you pretty good. Caveat emptor, indeed.