Abandon Email Addy?


Stupidly, I got so fed up with spam that I replied to all kagillion of them with an “Unsubscribe”. This was over a year ago, when I was naive as to how this spam stuff really works. Of course, all that did was let the spammers know that the email addy was active. Wonderful.

It’s been over a year and I still get them. I’ve been pre-approved for mortgages. I’ve been offered debt consolidation to ‘avoid my bankruptcy’. I’ve been offered penis enlargements. I’ve ‘won’ cruises and wonderful vacations. A cure for obesity can be at my doorstep within a week if I respond NOW. And Paris Hilton STILL wants to talk to me. All of this from the subject lines; G-d knows what else is mine for the taking if I dare open the mail.

I’ve set my filters to send anything that isn’t from my contact lists to my junk mail. I’m very often approaching my limit, because of the junkmail. Plus, constantly emptying it is a real pain in the ass.

I’m wondering if there’s any other way to get this addy back on track, clean it up so to speak, and protect it from all the junk. Or is the best solution just to abandon it altogether? (Another huge pain in the ass).

If you are using Outlook, I recommend Spambeyes, plugin that detects spam via Bayesian filters.


The disadvantage is that you still have to check the Spam filter for false positives. But, now that I think of it, I may have never gotten any false positives in the year or so I’ve been using it. But I’m not going to stop checking.

I would recommend abadoning it and setting up new one. Use the new one for only contacts that you trust and never use it to sign up for anything online. I maintain 2 just for that purpose.

I would recommend abandoning it. And don’t beat yourself up about the UNSUBSCRIBE thing, I never replied to any spams in my Hotmail account, but the numbers still grew to several hundred per day. The spam never goes away once it finds you, even if you’re dead.

I kept my Hotmail account active solely for the MSN messenger function, I switched the options to the very highest (only people on my address list can email me - everything else is trashed) - my address list is empty but a few things as spammingly obvious as “ljookjlSEXherbalv1agra” still get through. Go figure. I log in no more than once a month (usually reminded by the MSN app) to keep it active and delete Hotmail Staff spam.

At the time, I was able to get a Mail.com account totally free. That’s not possible any more - they charge. But it IS worth paying. As my friend discovered the minute after he paid for the cheapest service (mailbox increase) once you’re a paid member, you get taken to a different server address after logging in (like http://paymail.mail.com or something) and it is MUCH faster. And very, very spam free. So if you can afford US$15 a year, this is what I would recommend.

If not, search around for another provider. But DON’T bother re-trying Hotmail or Yahoo or similar. I cannot count the number of people I know who have started Hotmail “experiment” accounts - create it, leave it be and never give out the address, return after a few weeks - to find it crammed with rubbish.

I think Hotmail has been getting better about blocking spam. Over the holidays the amount that I was getting dropped drastically and it hasn’t come up again. I’m still getting some spam, but about half is from things I’ve signed up for (I tried a second account, but found it was too much trouble), and in total i’m getting maybe a half dozen e-mails a day, as opposed to the 15-20 I was getting before.

Granted, it might be just a fluke, anyone else noticing anything similar?

You are right about hotmail–but wrong about Yahoo. I opened an email account at Yahoo 3 years ago, and use it daily for business --sending and recieving a half dozen messages a day to architects and engineers I work with. I have given the address to about 30 business clients , but NEVER used the address for posting on public forums or making purchases from commercial sites. And I NEVER get any spam!!! Maybe once a week something gets shunted into the “Bulk Mail” file at Yahoo, and I delete it. But after 3 years, I am practically spam-free.

They block Hotmail at my workplace because of virus and spam that employees have introduced in to our network, instead of Hotmail and you need an Internet based e-mail source, check out Myway I do not get spammed through them.

I’ve been using Qurb for e-mail filtering for a few months and have been quite happy with it. The way it works is to whitelist every address you’ve ever sent mail to or that’s in your address book. Mail from anyone else is quarantined, and you then go through the quarantined mail to find any stuff you want. I think it works best if you normally correspond with the same people. If you often get mail from new addresses, you’re going to have to check the quarantine carefully, but most spam is easy to identify from the subject lines.

And if you decide to get a new e-mail address, one company that’s been recommended is http://www.fastmail.fm.

I vote for abandoning your old one and starting over, but you should also consider sneakemail. It allows you to create any number of disposable email addresses on an as-needed basis (i.e., for websites that require a valid email address for registration). Any email sent to these addresses gets routed to your “real” email address, with an identifier in the “From” field telling you exactly what fake address the mail was sent to. In turn, if you respond to this email, sneakemail takes care of stripping your real address out and putting the appropriate fake address back in as the “reply-to” address, giving you a total cloak of invisibility. As soon as you start seeing spam, you just a) delete the address from sneakemail’s list, and b) go raise hell with whoever sold your address to the spammer. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using it for over a year and have noticed a significant decrease in my spam reception.