Abbey Road - Greatest Beatles Album?


This might belong in IMHO, it’s a poll.

I lean towards The White Album.

I’m with Cartooniverse. Not about the IMHO, or in the sexual sense of the term “with”, but that I too lean toward the White Album, also.

I dunno. I’ve always agreed with the rankings that say Sgt. Pepper was the most important album, not just by the Beatles, but ever. As to which was the greatest, to me it’s a toss up between Pepper, Abbey Road and Revolver.

I don’t particularly like The White Album. Too much of a mishmash of short acid trips.

Hell no. I prefer the White Album, Revolver, Rubber Soul, and A Hard Day’s Night. Abbey Road (and Sgt. Pepper) are pretty much middle-of-the-pack Beatles albums so far as I’m concerned.

It’s still pretty good, but I quickly tire of “Octopus’ Garden,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “I Want You/She’s So Heavy.”

I’d have to agree - as a complete album and a damn fine swan song.

And the medley is just divine!

Rubber Soul and Revolver were the big advances over previous love-song-based albums and the songs are utterly gorgeous.

Abbey Road! Yes, yes, YES!!!

I liked the White Album more, as it was more across the board.
I’m not saying I don’t love Abbey Road but oh godammit forget it -you’re right.

I find Sgt Pepper a tad overrated, as a lot of songs are fairly lengthy and boring.

Sgt. Pepper almost seems like a warm up for Abbey Road.

I’ve always disliked Abbey Road.

The “high points” like “Come Together” and the medley, I never really fell in love with, and I actively hate “Oh, Darling,” “Maxwell,” “Octopus,” etc.

And “Something” has begun to sound like lounge lizard cheese.

Once again, I’m with Exapno M…probably placing Revolver slightly higher than Rubber Soul.

It’s my favorite Beatles’ album. The medley is brilliant. The album is great, if for no other reason, because it gave us “Here Comes the Sun” - one of THE greatest pop songs ever.

I was about to come and say that Here Comes The Sun was one of the best songs EVER!, but Blue Sky beat me to it. I am listening to MAxwell right now, and it’s no worse than Yellow Submarine. I also love Octopu’s Garden.

Revolver, but “Something” and “Here Comes the Sun” are some of the greatest songs ever written. The medley is alright.

Inventive way of handling the possessive apostrophe.

You know, an Octopu!

Oh, yeah. I forgot “Here Comes the Sun.” Great song.

Revolver all the way. Abby Road is really well produced, but it’s fluff-heavy (um, if you know what I mean.)

I used to think Sgt. Pepper was the better album, but yeah, I’ve come around to the opinion that Abbey Road was the best Beatles album. I love it.

I’d give the White Album an edge, but Abbey Road is definitely up there. Sgt. Pepper was extremely influential, but doesn’t wear well; whereas the other two still sound fresh.