Following on from some recent posts from us newbees how about a list from someone on the abbreviations used on the board…

OP & TMI have recently been answered, but what is IIRC?

…Im sure there must be others!

thanx in advance

For All Features Great And Small / All Things Bright And Beautiful, check out Arnold Winkelried’s threads in ATMB: FAQ - technical issues and FAQ - Guidelines for posting at the SDMB.

…for abbreviation explanations, check out this SDMB thread.
A SDMB thread re: acronyms (abbreviations?)

…and a couple outside references.
Netlingo: Acronyms & Shorthand
Acronym Finder.

…and here are some other SDMB threads you might want to look at if you have a lot of time on your hands…
Abbreviations and stuff
Phrase abbreviations in threads (Newbie alert!)
Attn Newcomers - Abbreviations List
Message Board abbreviations
YMMV and other SDMB abbreviations

Wow - that was a pretty comprehensive list Algie.

I was just going to say “If I Remember Correctly” - both correct and unhelpful of me; just the way I like it :slight_smile: