Message Board abbreviations

I’m a newbie to the Boards, who knows some of the abbreviations (LOL, BTW) but some of the rest stump me. Is there some kind of on-line orientation handbook I can consult as I tread carefully down the paths to knowledge?

Or if this has been a thread before, anyone out there know?

Oh baby. Do a Search in ATMB for Any Date with the word “abbreviation” and then step aside so as not to be crushed by the avalanche of threads.


Er, seeing as how you just registered a few hours ago, I will add that ATMB stands for “About This Message Board”, not a website somewhere.

Search function is up there in the top right hand corner, Smilies legend (for smilie faces) is down at the bottom left-hand, you have to click on Show Signature before you click on Submit Reply every time or it won’t show, use Preview Reply and save yourself a LOT of grief.

Read old threads here in ATMB to learn an amazing amount about how the SDMB works. A surprising amount of non-technical but still important information is contained herein.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Here try these 2 for some help.
Attn Newcomers - Abbreviations List and Acronyms (abbreviations?)


Thank you, Duck Duck Goose and JimB for the assist. Ice Wolf is happy that I now have a guide to the language. Thanks again. You’re welcome in my den anytime.

BTW, I notice I’ve been a last poster on some threads. Folks, I’m not trying to be a deliberate MOLOSTER. Maybe I’m just forever late for the party …

Got you covered, Pard. I’ll take the MOLOSTER bullet this time. :wink: