Abbreviations on this MB

OK, my fellow posters.

I’ve been around for a few weeks now, and I’m enjoying myself very much. I just hope you guys are enjoying ME :wink:

Anyway: as stated before, I am not a native English speaker. Or should that be: not a native speaker of the English language :wink:
Therefore, I seem to be having some difficulties with the abbreviations that show up on this MB.

Here’s what I know:
LMAO: Laughed my ass off, presumably…
IIRC: If I recall correctly.
IMHO: In my honest opinion or something ?

Well, you know what I mean. There’s tons more and I want to learn them all. Shoot.

And my sincerest appologies about this boring thread: I thee promise the next one is going to include sex, drugs and fast cars :slight_smile:


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Just plug “emoticon” into your search engine. You’ll get all sorts of links with emoticons and TLA’s (three-letter abbreviations–although some are obviously longer).

I’ve been enjoying your posts…here’s a helpful link…

Print it out and enjoy!

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See :

Here’s another link to a topic from the “About This Message Board” forum.

You should keep in mind that some of these are tongue-in-cheek.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

And yet another place for acronyms.

Coldfire –

PDR What makes you think we know what they mean? AIILK, we just right a bunch of random letters and it makes us look like we’re real insiders, BBN.


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thanks! I’m a native English speaker, teach computing, spend 10+ hours a week on the Net and I couldn’t work out IIRC.

Now I don’t have to reveal my ignorance…

WTF, u r an NES and still didn’t figure it out ??

Incrdbl… I beat an NES to it :wink:



“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)