ABC's Fresh Off The Boat. Is this a controversy waiting to happen?

I been seeing these trailers lately and I can’t help thinking to myself “Somebody somewhere is going to be offended by this and make a big stink about it.”

3min trailer here.
Personally, I’m not offended by any of it. Still though, I can’t shake the feeling certain folks are going to be up in arms about it.

The producers can only pray there will be controversy so the ratings will be better. Looks the The Goldbergs with epicanthal folds.

The actress playing mom looks hilarious. I know the actor playing dad from YouTube and Indy films so it’s nice to see him get a tv show. The only people offended by this will likely be white.

It has the “created by the person who it’s talking about” defense.

That guy is just everywhere. A couple years ago i was watching some random TV show and he showed up in two commercials in a row and then when the showed came back he showed up as the dentist the main character had just gone to see.

It’s supposedly based on chef Eddie Haung’s life, but from what I know about him there won’t be nearly enough cursing or weed smoking. He isn’t even happy with how the show is turning out, but that is the curse of selling out, you lose all creative control. WAMP WAMP :smack:
In the linked article he fusses about not liking the way he’s portrayed.

I did just show it to my boyfriend who is of Chinese descent, very American, and he laughed over it, and was impressed that an Asian family is going to be the center of a sitcom.

We will probably watch it when it comes to Netflix.

Because that worked so well when Margaret Cho did it…

It doesn’t seem any more offensive than black’ish. Then again, it doesn’t seem anywhere nearly as funny as black’ish either; I have a feeling it will be a “moral victory” if ABC doesn’t end up burning off episodes on Saturday nights. In my opinion, the show’s main problem isn’t the characterizations, but the restaurant.

Then again, I am assuming that all of the scenes in the preview come from the pilot, and there might be some tweaking between episodes one and two. Then again again, sometimes you don’t get an “episode two”, especially with ABC; Emily’s Reasons Why Not got pulled after its pilot aired.

She didn’t create the show – the credit went to Gary Jacobs.

Applies to EVERYTHING these days. I hate these days.

Why assume this? Do you assume white people get offended by The McCarthys or Moms? Or that black people get offended by Black-ish or House of Payne?

Most people only get offended when they have something genuinely offensive to be offended about.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, or if you just haven’t met enough people.

**April R **is bound to be right. Lots of white people will be offended on behalf of Asians, regardless of whether those Asians are themselves offended too.

What Elf said.

Plus, I seem to recall some Super Bowl ads that stirred up controversy because they played off of tired racial stereotypes.
Can’t remember the details though…

I want my 3 minutes back. Anyone who finds this movie offensive needs to get a hobby. And the same for anyone feeling motivated to watch it.

I recognized the dad from his voice…he’s Kim Jong-Un in The Interview.
It looked okay, nothing too special, I did notice that one of the writers/EPs was the creator of Don’t Trust the B. Also, I know it comes from the book, but I think Fresh Off The Boat is a stupid name. I mean, even if they came straight from Asia they would have flown (yes, I know it’s an idiom), but they just moved from Washington DC to Orlando, so they’re not really Fresh Off The Boat. Unless they had just recently moved into the country I suppose.

I would have picked the title Skill Level Asian :wink:

The Mom’s Chinglish is terrible. It is not how Chinese speak English as a second language. She is a caricature of an immigrant Chinese Mom.

The creators could actually work on getting something funny that’s actually a pretty close approximation to real life instead of cheap stereotypes (based on what I’ve seen of the trailer YMMV).

Eh, I agree with Nemo. We’ve seen a lot of ethnic sitcoms, and while generally they haven’t lasted very long due to not being funny, they haven’t really triggered much in the way of backlash or controversy. I don’t see much reason to think this will be any different (both in not provoking controversy and in not being very funny).

Plus, as a general rule, shows like this usually end up being 10% making fun of whatever ethnic group, and 90% making fun of contemporary American life through the eyes of an outsider. Even the 3 minute trailer has a lot of that.

I get a vibe like this would be a show about the Kahns arriving in America.

Edit: I guess that should be “the Souphanousinphones”, not “the Kahns”. I prefer to call them “the Kahns”.

What pananache45 said. From the OP, I was hoping for something a little edgier than normal. This felt bland, with some pretty tired stereotypes. The actress playing the mom is gorgeous, though.

Re: FriarTed, is it too late to convert this show into a King of the Hill spinoff instead?