Abe Vigoda, RIP

He’s been rumored dead for 30 years, but now it’s official.

So long Fish and Tessio.


Damn. :frowning:

Aww. I never saw him in a single episode of the shows that originally made him famous; like many people my age (I expect) Abe Vigoda was the guy Conan O’Brien would regularly trot out for some punchline or other on his old Late Show. Example. RIP.


It’s finally happened. RIP, Fish.


How long was that page up without an update? Oh well, Fish sleeps with the fishes now. He had a good run.

Underused IMHO. He worked great in everything I ever saw him in.

But 94 is a great run, unlike some of other recent losses. RIP.

Just doing the math, he must’ve been around 50 while filming The Godfather.

I remember him from his greatest role, as a cook in Good Burger.

Damn. I was hoping he’d make it to a hundred.

I can’t think of Abe Vigoda without thinking of this song

I was stuck in a pagoda
With Tritia Toyota
We were watching Abe Vigoda
And then everything will be fine…

This is the month of Death. Death to all. Betty White, you have 5 days left.

DEATH: “It’s nothing personal. Just business.”

Domain registered in 2001, and I guess no reason to update until today. I like that that they had a Bauhaus parody “Abe Vigoda’s Dead” ready to go :slight_smile:

“The blue-haired widows,
shambled past his room…”

Man. He was 53 - 60 during Barney Miller.

RIP Fish.

Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?


Can’t do it Sally… :cool:

If they’d sent Fish to arrest Tessio and only one came back alive, which one do you think it would have been?

“Man who was often mistakenly believed to be dead, is now dead”

Hard to say, they were both so easy to underestimate. But I’m gonna say Tessio, Tessio was always the smart one.

Thanks Abe.

Unless Fish had eaten some of Wojo’s brownies beforehand. Then all the smarts in the world wouldn’t help Tessio.

Tragic. Way too young.