Abercrombie & Fitch in trouble again!

Apparently, A&F is in trouble for selling bikinis with padded tops for pre-teens.


I have to assume that A&F did market research before putting these in the stores. Who would buy this for their daughter?

My mom allowed me padded bras and swimsuits when I was flat as a pre-teen and teen. I was tired of being the only one without some breast development. Most of my friends had significant boobage by age 12. Girl’s clothes don’t fit right when you’re average height with normal-sized shoulders, but don’t have any bust.

I don’t find padded bras inherently sexual or inappropriate for young girls. Non-padded bras and bikinis tend to have show-thru, and for young girls with awkward breast buds, that can be mortifying.

As a small adult, I shop at Abercrombie Kids quite a bit and I usually wear a size medium in their tops. There are plenty of kids with boobs who could wear a size small bikini from there, and very small adults too… it’s kind of hard to wear a padded bikini if you don’t have anything to put in the padded cups, don’t forget.

Store carries size 8-16 (5 sizes) in pants and dresses, but only goes from S-XL (4 sizes) for their swimwear, so the smallest kids are sized out.

I like the comment from one outraged mother:

I’m sure she’s very popular.

LOL the comments there are insanity.

Someone else took her to task for her judgmentalism.

As for me, I’d have to see a picture of said bikini to know what it looks like before I could render a valid opinion.

I agree that they’re not a huge deal, and also with rhubarbarin that clingy bikini tops that show nipplage can be a LOT more mortifying for someone with breast buds.
I mean, hell, my boobs are ginormous and I’m 26 and I still wear bras with a little bit of padding to hide nipplage.

The missus-to-be and I sat down and watched an old movie the other night, one I love, Man’s Favorite Sport? starring Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. Rock’s character works at an “outdoors” store … Abercrombie & Fitch. “Wait,” she said, the surprise obvious in her voice. “A&F use to sell things other than slut clothes??”

One of the commenters believes that pedophiles are buying the A&F kids clothes with “the hopes of getting the little girl to wear it for him.” :rolleyes:

Only like one or two people had rational comments - that KIDS PROBABLY AREN’T BUYING THESE and if they are it’s the parent’s problem when it’s 8-year olds. A lot of small-framed teens and even adults shop in the kids’ side. One self-proclaimed Christian parent stated she bought her daughter the padded swimsuits because they covered up MORE.

People be crazy.

I saw this on the news and immediately wondered what in the hell Abercrombie was thinking. Padded bikini tops for 8 year old kids? Honestly, I love a woman in a bikini, but for goodness sake, give them a fighting chance to grow up without thinking boobs make the woman. I guess I"m old fashioned.

link to the story

Padded tops/bras aren’t always about making boobs bigger. Sometimes they just hide nipples.

These are named “Ashley push-up” tops though. Ewww.

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as far as outrages go, this one scores barely a “meh”

so… what’s a girl like you doing at a place like this?

My experience with children in bikini tops, and the reason I find their presence so confusing, is that they often end up way above the nipples. I’ve seen kids aged 1-11 whose “titcovers*” were behaving more like chokers and who were completely unaware of it. Some would put it back in place (where it stayed for about five minutes) when a grown up said to, others would merely look confused - and I don’t mean only toddlers. If the kid’s interested in the item then sure, go ahead and buy it for her, but these I describe weren’t, the bikini had been chosen by the mothers with what seemed to be very little consciousness of their daughters’ mental processes.
*: term coined by Littlebro when he was 5. He claimed there was a difference between a “titcover” and one actually meant to hold stuff in place.

The thing is, boobs have been what men have used for millennia to determine whether a woman is sexually mature, and thus it’s okay to be attracted to her. This is so primal that subverting this expectation causes discomfort.

The reason people are upset is not that pedophiles are attracted to the kids, but that they are feeling primal attraction to a prepubescent, and we have an instinctual hatred of pedophilia. These people thus feel hatred for themselves or at least feel these forces conflicting, and thus are angry at the most immediate and malleable cause.

It goes meta with women. Not only do they hate decent guys feeling the way they do, they also suspect that, for anyone who is okay with it, it must be because they don’t have the instinctual hatred for pedophilia, as the primal urge is so engrained it can’t be what’s missing. And people who don’t have a problem with pedophilia must be pedophile, thus deserving universal hatred.

IOW, fake titties on little girls make guys think they are pedophiles, and women think the guys are pedophiles. That’s why it bugs people.

(Yes, nitpickers, you can substitute women with “people who are not sexually attracted to female humans” and men with “people who are sexually attracted to female humans.”)

I find it hard to believe that the mere presence of breasts on something makes it hot. Especially since this is just padding.By that rationale, I could put boobs on a horse and that would spark bestiality.

The smallest size would fit my six year old.

When I shopped last year for her swimwear I was already disappointed that I couldn’t find suits that weren’t itsy bitsy bikinis. I know I know I know “it’s just skin” but I wanted her to have more coverage, being the uncool prude mom that I am.

But this does bring back a rather embarrassing memory for me involving a training bra and two plastic Easter eggs. Actually I think they were Leggs packages. I was in third grade and thought I was cleverly creating sexy boobage. Until one cracked and sliced me open.

I think it’s more about making the girls look older and more physically mature, not simply the presence of breasts. Otherwise we’d be seeing one piece topless swimwear.

Right, but I don’t think that a little padding is suddenly going to make a girl look older and more mature. A little girl with a padded chest is still a little girl.

I have not only seen this padded bikini on the website, but have bought a few of them for my 9 yr old, she is past budding and I will catch flack for this but I want her to look good and feel good about herself. She dresses very cute and she is very attractive so I like to get her pretty things. I got her 2 of them and they look stunning on her and she likes them. And the unlined suits don’t work so good for her because she has fairly pert nippelage in the unlined suits so she had attention drawn to her anyway. Have not noticed that problem on her a&f padded bikini. We got her a medium top and the bottoms in a small. And as a single dad I do the best I can, she gets looks either way so this bikini isn’t that big of a deal