AbFab episode with famous Brits in it

In the episode where Patsy & Edina are in the hospital Edina has a dream where everyone is replaced by (I’m assuming) famous British people. I recognized the “Thunderbirds” puppet and Helena Bohnam Carter and I know who Mandi Rice-Davies is (was that really her?) So who were the other people?

From the credits:

Mandy Rice Davies- up market prostitute from the sixties
Helena Bonham Carter- actress and make-up salesperson
Richard E Grant- actor
Suzie Quatro- American who moved to Britain and became a rock star
Germaine Greer- famous feminist writer.

Other episodes are liberally interspersed with other famous people playing appropriate or inappropriate parts. Part of the fascination of waiting for new series was to see who they had persuaded to take part.


  • famous Australian feminist writer.

Suzi Quatro

In addition to her music career, she played Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days.