TV "Bewitched"--was there a Sareca?

Recalling imperfectly from a long time ago, I thought Samantha had an evil cousin, “Sareca,” also played by Elizabeth Montgomery. However, Imdb, which I pretty much trust in these matters, calls her “Serena.” Does anyone else remember this name from the series? (I suppose it could also be spelled “Sereca.” “Serena” is certainly close.)

It was Cousin Serena. And she wasn’t really evil. Just fun-loving.

And she was played by veteran Vulcan performer Pandora Spocks.

Calling Dr. Bombay!

My favorite episode is when Serena and Uncle Arthur lose their powers and have to get jobs like ordinary mortals. So they get jobs at this factory where they make frozen treats.

“You take the banana, dip it in the chocolate, then hand it to Wise Guy.”

“Who rolls it in the nuts, and sticks it in the tray.”

The assembly belt goes faster. Hilarity ensues.

Well all right–thanks. Guess I should have put this in the “Things you only THINK you heard” threat. But I knew I could count on Dopers.

threat = thread

(but you knew that)