Sitcom Trivia Thread: 03/07

Simple rules: just answer or add trivia questions from past or present sitcoms. Be as obscure or simple as you want.

  1. What legendary musical performer was once in love with Aunt Esther on Sanford & Son?

  2. What was the name of the coffee shop Niles and Frasier frequented?

  3. Name two of the {at the time} more-famous actors considered for the role of Archie Bunker before Carroll O’Connor was cast.

  4. On Bewitched, who played Serena according to the credits?

  5. On Barney Miller, what was the name of Harris’s (not exactly blockbuster) memoir?

  6. What one hour CBS show had an extremely bizarre crossover episode with Alice?

  7. What position did Sam Malone play when he was a baseball player?

  8. What was the name of the alcoholic health tonic Florida was hired to promote on an episode of Good Times (hint: it wasn’t “DamnDamnDamn-Healthy!”)

  9. What revelation did Dan Fielding learn about the beloved pet turtle he had as a child on Night Court?

  10. What was the name of Murphy Brown’s son (and why)?

I’ll get the easy ones out of the way.

Cafe Nervosa

Blood on the Badge. (Sometimes Harris called it BOB)

Relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

Avery, named for Murphy’s mother.
Speaking of Cheers, I’ll add:

  1. What football player was considered for the role of Sam Malone?

Elizabeth Montgomery

It was actually a potato.

Elizabeth Montgomery played Sernena, but the credit said “Pandora Spocks”, a play on words for “Pandora’s Box”.

And for bonus points, what picture was on his drum?

I’m probably wrong on this one, but … Quaker Oats?

Close enough. “…I loved my turtle and my little drum… with the picture of a Quaker on it.”

Fred Dryer (who did a guest appearance as a local sportscaster and friend of Sam).

I think Mickey Rooney was one (and so does IMDb)

Yep. Jackie Gleason was another one. Archie’s name was originally “Archie Justice”; I’ve wondered if that has anything to do with the name Buford T. Justice.

OK, try these:

  1. On Night Court , what was Dan’s real first name? And what’s the inside joke about that name?

  2. What Olympic medalist played Jodie’s lover on Soap ? What was the character’s name?

  3. Night Court again: What was the name of the really boring bailiff?

  4. Married With Children : Which store carried Peg’s “special” bra? And where was it located?

  5. Which MASH* character was recast after the pilot episode?

Was it the Dukes of Hazzard? I seem to recall Boss Hogg showing up at the diner, but for all these years I thought I’d dreamt it.

Yep. Boss Hogg & Enos were the guest stars (in character).

Reinhard. It was the name of the show’s (producer?) Reinhard Weege. Reinhard “Dan” Fielding also attended accordion camp as a child.

Father Mulcahy (who in the pilot was also a womanizer).

I’m pretty sure it was Dirk.

That would be pole vaulter Bob Seagren. I have no idea what the name of his character was, however.

I actually know one!

That would be B. B. King; Fred thought it was Elizabeth that B.B. had been in love with, but it was really Esther. :slight_smile:

I do watch too much TV, but apparently not as much as some others … or else my memories are faulty. ducks & runs

ReinHOLD, actually :slight_smile: (I actually remembered this, just went to IMDB to confirm / get link)

And it was Flo who uttered the greatest line that whole episode: “Reinhold?”

Later, it was reprised with her saying “Coo-ba?”