Aborting Windows "Genuine Advantage" install, methods besides backup restore?

A recently downloaded MS Windows (XP) security patch seems to have “helpfully” reset my auto updates setting from my preferred notify and let me choose setting to auto-update (I most certainly didn’t change it myself). I thusly now find my trusty road warrior machine prompting me to complete the installation of the cursed Windows Genuine Advantage rubbish.

While in fact the fine laptop is free of any pirated software, the principal of the matter - and the fact I hate MS - makes me want to abort this installation the bastards snuck in.

As I am presently travelling on business, and don’t have my backdrive handy, I’m wondering if there are any clever ways to abort this cursed little installation, rather than let it proceed?

(To be precise it seems to have autodownloaded and is currently prompting me to acknowledge its misbegotten ToS or whatever you call the lawyer jibberjabber to proceed with installation. I’d like to abort this right straight, without bothering to install and then rollback)

Here’s a recent thread about WGA that may help: [thread=536149]“Windows Genuine Advantage” infects my computer - Help![/thread]

Thanks but it appears none of that is about aborting the install (which is my preference, if I run install I know how to get rid of it).

If you haven’t installed yet, it’s a simple matter of deleting a few files, as in this video:


Why that does indeed seem to be the solution I was looking for, thanks.

Solves this obnoxiousness from MS.