Abortion in Canada

With all this controversy over that new pill down in the US, it got me thinking. Is that pill legal in Canada? What IS legal in Canada about abortions? I know we have a “morning after pill”, but I’d like to know the current laws and what is available.

I looked around for some info, but to no avail, so I turn to you, Dopers.

I am not what you could call the resident expert on Canadian law, but I found a site called Abortion Law in Canada

I also found an informative site about abortion laws around the world but its information about ru-486 is out of date. this news article says clinical trials of the drug in Canada only just began this year.

Here are links to two judgments outlining the constitutional position with respect to abortion:

R. v. Morgentaler (1988)

R. v. Morgentaler (1993)

In the absence of a federal law criminalising abortion, the provinces have jurisdiction to regulate the health aspects of abortion - qualifications of doctors, etc. However, the 1993 case says that they cannot use those powers as a disguised attempt to reduce access to abortion - that is solely a matter of criminal law, reserved to the federal Parliament.