About a throbbing hot boy

Man time flies.

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And, are you sitting down? In a tub of ice?

So, I guess your point is that the kid who was in the movie “About a Boy” is now grown up and good-looking? He’s okay, I guess, if you like that look.

Wait, didn’t that movie come out, like, two years ago?

<checks IMDB>






Yes he got very sexy. He was made to look younger in ‘About a Boy’ so the time frame from pudgy kid to sexy teen seemed much shorter then you’d expect. He was a lead character the the British series ‘Skins’ in which he is often shirtless and looking sexy. He plays a pretty messed up character with much time spent womanizing. He also blows one of his male friends.

kneels and gives thanks for Netflix

I didn’t expect Netflix to have Skins, learned something new. A friend recorded all three seasons when they aired and I got them from him a while back. If you watch the series I’d be interested to hear your opinion on it. I watched the first 2 seasons and have mixed thoughts on it. I’ve considered starting a thread on them.

I haven’t been able to find the time or motivation to watch the third season, they drop most the main characters as they graduated and pick up the younger ones. So its like starting over again.

Man I don’t find him throbbing hot on most of those pics, but holy shit he sure has grown up in a good way!

He looks kind of like a woman. I’d consider allowing him to suck on my dick, if we were alone on a submarine for a year without any women or something.

Not throbbing hot. Barely lukewarm.

I’m not that well versed in homosexual culture but I’m under the impression that this boy would very much be considered a “twink” - i.e. possessing a slim build, and a boyish or even feminine face. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I guess. Some men prefer “bears,” large and strong men covered in hair and with beards. (Do you, Panache?)

You can be a twink and not necessarily slim - twink basically just means young looking. Plenty of twink porn features young guys with very defined bodies.

As for Hoult - meh. Doesn’t do it for me.

Yeah, his face is still a little too boyish for me and…

sees shirtless pic

Yeah, um…ok, that’s pretty nice.

I watched the first three series on BBC America. I really liked the first two series and recommend them highly. However, the third one introduced an almost entirely new cast, with only Effy (Tony’s sister) carried over from the earlier cast and they were almost entirely unsympathetic and unlikeable. I kept hoping I’d warm to them as I did to the earlier cast, but never did.

The weird thing is that the show is about teenagers but is not at all suitable for watching by teenagers, as it features lots of drug use, drinking, smoking, sex and lots more that’s inappropriate. But I really liked it.

Lissener, I’m starting to get the impression that you may be gay.

Actually, neither. I can respond to a wide variety of men, but the one thing they (usually) have in common is that they have close-to-zero bodyfat and not a lot of muscles. Especially tall, lanky types. And then there are dark-featured Middle-Eastern guys.

(Yes, my partner is a tall, lanky Persian.)

I, myself, can best be described as a semi-bear.

Do you think Jeff Goldblum is sexy? Especially in his early roles like The Fly? He was really tall, wiry, extremely low body fat but still looked very athletic, and he has dark skin and curly, dark hair (I think he kind of looks Indian.) He sounds like he’d be your type.

Can straight girls play too? Those last two pictures, my oh my. I had to check his age on IMDB to make sure I wasn’t being an old lady perv.

It’s a phase. Nothing that a good woman and lots of praying can’t cure.

That was a joke, just in case there are any lurkers out there who don’t know me.

Even weirder is the thought that anyone might think what happens in Skins is even close to representative of a modern teenager’s life. I don’t know anyone in Britain who had or has close to something resembling their lives. It goes way beyond dramatic licence.

His face does nothing for me at all. I like long faces, like Hugh Laurie or Adrien Brody.