Harrison Ford's body in Temple of Doom--The best men's body in film?

I just saw Temple of Doom in the theater. Harrison Ford looks great in it. Unlike today’s action stars, he has a body that fits his character and is achievable by a normal (non-juiced), active man. Mel Gibson looked great in Lethal Weapon, too. Way better than today’s freaks or their contemporary Arnold. And Ford wasn’t waxed smooth like a child. Thoughts?


Mel Gibson, Braveheart. Sam Hueghan in Outlander. What is it about Scotsmen?

Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise.

Burt Lancaster

Kirk Douglas

Charlton Heston

Clint Walker

Sean Connery

Patrick Stewart:

Close, but doesn’t compare to Shirtless Paul Newman.

Jesus. He looks great.

Scott Glenn

And at 75:

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Looks like the closing may have killed the thread, but I just have to say I think it’s a bit funny that he appears to have a receding hairline even back then. I wonder how early he went bald? Other than Star Trek, the only thing I know him from is the movie Excalibur, and he was a bald 40 year old in that.

I’ve known guys who started going bald at 20. I suspect he might be one of them, too.

He just has too much testosterone.

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i believe mr stewart said in interviews, he started going bald at 19 and lost most of his hair in his early 20s. i had a high school teacher who had the same balding pattern. started at 19 and was full horseshoe by 21.

Yes. And the difference is instructive.

Pitt (at least in that picture) is pushing it. That’s a gym-built body. Waxed and buffed and no doubt treated with lotions and massages and skin-burnishing stuff.

The Connery pics above are more of the same. Those are basically pics of body-builders. And even the Scott Glenn shot makes him look like a gym rat.

Lancaster and Heston look like fit, good-looking men.

Newman, on the other hand, just looks as good as it’s humanly possible for a man to get without looking like a gym rat.

Kilts. Even if they’re not wearing one, that’s totally what’s on your mind: underwear-free kilts. You, mah-Daahm, are a naughty woman. And a darn good thing it is. :wink:

Guilty as identified. :relaxed: