Threads with men as objects of lust

Just read the mod note in the thread Harrison Ford’s body in Temple of Doom–The best men’s body in film?

The mod What_Exit admits that the thread would have been closed had it been bikini shots of women, but as it’s men, sort of ad hoc rules have been devised where you can post links but they’ll be spoilered. ETA: This seems to have been struckout now

I thank What_Exit for that concession, because now it means we can discuss whether the forum should have rules that are somewhat gender asymmetrical, or ban all such threads (or, I guess the third option is to allow all such threads).

Let me be clear: I don’t care which of these three options SDMB ultimately goes for. My desire is only for clear rules.
ISTR other threads where this kind of awkwardness has come up, so I just think it’s better to get the issue into the open and have a single decision.

Actually as of this morning, I canceled my modnote. The Mods and our Admin discussed it as I indicated would happened and we overturned my temporary instruction.

We will be trying to treat all genders the same.

I would prefer gender-symmetrical (gender-neutral) rules, but it’s not like I’m going to jump ship because it’s okay to publicly drool over men’s bodies but not women’s.


Just want to note how ridiculous such a hypothetical ruling would have been, in light of ads showing women in swimsuits. (The latest round of ads show Mary Ann and Ginger during their swimsuit show).


Awesome, good to know.

It’s understandable in some ways though. A lot of discussion boards can eventually get overloaded with talk of who’s hot and who’s not, and I would think it can put some people off visiting those boards, especially women.
The Dope is a long way off having such a problem, but in terms of what exact rules can prevent this ever happening, while at the same time not being overly prude and stifling speech…I dunno. It’s an interesting topic of discussion for me, not something I’m coming in with strong views on.

My point was that it would be silly to ban ‘which girl is hotter’ discussions when you literally advertise Mary Ann versus Ginger.


Ah, I didn’t realize you meant ads on SDMB itself showing that.

I think it’s fine to have rules that address actual problems and ignore imagined problems, even if they are not gender/race/whatever protected class-blind.

Men feeling unwelcome in internet spaces due to body objectification is not an actual problem that men face, so we don’t need rules to deal with it. In contrast, the corresponding issue with women is a major social issue, and we should take steps to help improve things.

Like a recent discussion of whether the term “cracker” should be banned in the pit because the n-word is. One of those words has a deep hateful history, and it’s the one we should ban. The other one no one really cares about, and having a policy that treats them as equivalent is just a silly veneer of consistency.

I think my original post was okay, and it shows Ford’s nipples.

So pictures of men’s, women’s, or non-binary person’s nipples are acceptable? Or should we consider society’s double standards for the images themselves? A topless man with his nipples showing would not be prurient, but a woman would be?

We should consider society’s double standard.

IMO yes, except in the case of breastfeeding or art.


This. Where there’s a problem in the larger society, intervene here to keep the problem at bay. Where there’s not a problem in the larger society, leave the Dope to run free.

I’m pleased both that @What_Exit was proactive early and that upon further thought the mods have adjusted their policy.

It’s worth pointing out that the term used for prurient images, “NSFW”, is inherently based on the attitudes of society at large. In modern America, if your boss walks in to your office and sees pictures on your screen featuring female nipples, you’re probably in more trouble than if they walk in and see pictures featuring male nipples. Is that fair? I dunno, but it’s the way it is.

I agree.
I remember a tremendous fuss about a wardrobe malfunction in the Superbowl where a female nipple was involved. :fearful:
Meanwhile David Hasslehoff regularly appeared topless in ‘Baywatch’.

Here in the UK we have a show called ‘Naked Attraction’ where men and women appear fully naked. :flushed:
(I have to specify ‘fully naked’, since sometimes you see a model ‘naked’ where they have no clothes on, but are completely covered up e.g. with their arms.)

I keep clicking on this but there aren’t enough pictures!


Damn but that’s a weird flex.

We have an Admin now ?

I’m not comfortable allowing the objectification of some people and not others. I understand that at least the men is this thread are fine with the idea of males being objectified, but is everyone else? We’ve got a small sample size here.

I have no idea who you are, or with what intent you posted this. But it smacks strongly of the attitude, “Men can’t be sexually harassed/raped.”

I think it is very likely true that the average man has less of an issue with behavior that would be considered sexual harassment when done to women than the average woman does, but that does not in any way negate the fact that men can be, and are, objectified and harassed–and that, for some men, it causes great distress.