Harrison Ford's body in Temple of Doom--The best men's body in film?

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Looks like the closing may have killed the thread, but I just have to say I think it’s a bit funny that he appears to have a receding hairline even back then. I wonder how early he went bald? Other than Star Trek, the only thing I know him from is the movie Excalibur, and he was a bald 40 year old in that.

I’ve known guys who started going bald at 20. I suspect he might be one of them, too.

He just has too much testosterone.

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i believe mr stewart said in interviews, he started going bald at 19 and lost most of his hair in his early 20s. i had a high school teacher who had the same balding pattern. started at 19 and was full horseshoe by 21.

Yes. And the difference is instructive.

Pitt (at least in that picture) is pushing it. That’s a gym-built body. Waxed and buffed and no doubt treated with lotions and massages and skin-burnishing stuff.

The Connery pics above are more of the same. Those are basically pics of body-builders. And even the Scott Glenn shot makes him look like a gym rat.

Lancaster and Heston look like fit, good-looking men.

Newman, on the other hand, just looks as good as it’s humanly possible for a man to get without looking like a gym rat.

Kilts. Even if they’re not wearing one, that’s totally what’s on your mind: underwear-free kilts. You, mah-Daahm, are a naughty woman. And a darn good thing it is. :wink:

Guilty as identified. :relaxed:

Straight male here, but one of the only men who ever struck me as having an impressive male body was the guy who played Richard Cypher on Legend of the Seeker. I can’t find any great image, but here is one that sort of captures him fairly well.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

Well, it’s a fun show and worth a watch for him and really just in general. The Confessor is also very beautiful and the whole show looks great!

Isn’t he kind of the opposite of what the OP is referring to?

Eh…there are gym rats and there are gym rats.

Pitt no doubt worked diligently on that body but I don’t think it is beyond normal. Nothing wrong with working out.

Schwarzenegger and the like went above and beyond and made themselves musclebound. On a whole other level.

I’d be surprised if Paul Newman just naturally looked like he did without any effort put in to it. He’s a naturally handsome guy but really good bodies are almost never without some effort.

Oh, absolutely. I wouldn’t be surprised if Newman started every day with fifty pushups or something like that. And he certainly hit the genetic lottery.

But there’s a world of difference between the way he looks and the way today’s action-movie stars (or at least the comic-book movie stars) look. Even if they’re not using some kind of juice, they’re working with a trainer for hours every day, and eating meals designed by a dietician . Or at least they’re living like that for some months before they start shooting a movie.

Newman (and others cited in this thread) are in a state of fitness that the OP describes as “achievable by a normal (non-juiced), active man.” Chris Hemsworth isn’t.

I think they likely worked as hard to achieve their body types as the Chris Hemsworth’s do today, albeit not with juicing, but with professionally guided exercise plans and more significant calorie restriction than most are able to maintain for any length of time. Washboard abs just don’t pop like that even in the genetically gifted until body fat percent is pretty dang low.

They not only set the standards for ideal male body types, they reflected and achieved what the extant standards were.

When did the standards start to shift to the juiced up muscle mass level?

Was it Arnold in Conan? A Tarzan movie?

I saw a chat show on which one of the guests was an an action film star. I think he said that he plans for the days when he’s going to be photographed shirtless, so he can achieve the washboard abs. So even at that extreme level of fitness, washboard abs are not an everyday thing.

From what I understand, it was Brad Pitt in Fight Club. His look in the film unintentionally set a new standard for what male stars could look like.

FC wasn’t until 1999.

Sylvester Stallone had a body like a real heavyweight boxer in Rocky I and II, but by Rocky III (1982), he had transformed into an extremely muscular/cut bodybuilder physique. In Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren had the same bodybuilder physique going on.

Conan the Barbarian (with Schwarzenegger) also came out in 1982, and Arnold followed it up with a string of other '80s movies that showcased his extreme bulk. (He had first starred in Hercules in New York in 1970, but nobody watched that.)

Coming back down to more earthly levels of muscle mass, I think Patrick Swayze’s stuff from the late '80s and early '90s (Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, Ghost, Point Break) probably set the trend for "lean and achievably muscular) well before Brad Pitt showed up in Thelma and Louise.

Kumail Nanjiani famously transformed his body a couple of years ago, and made it a point to acknowledge that it required a ridiculous level of dedication and professional assistance that’s not possible for most folks.