About Drowning (goin down 3 times)

You explained what happens when you drown in freshwater and you explained what happens when you drown in saltwater, but what happens when you drown in an estuary?:confused:

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It helps if you add a link to the column, so that others can follow along.

Do you “go down three times” before drowning?

I assume Cecil is actually talking about drownings where a rescue is attempted and the victim removed from the water, as opposed to those who, you know, go under water and stay there until they bloat/wash up on shore. 'Cause I’m fairly sure filling the lungs with water like a water balloon, then leaving the water there for about 30 minutes will have the same effect whether the water is fresh or salty. YMMV.

Death by osmosis - nice! So you’re saying the best treatment for a saltwater drowning is to drown them in fresh water so the salt level can be flushed? :wink: