About that sticky thread at the top of GQ...

And of course, by “that thread”, I mean this thread. It’s been up for a while, although, according to manhattan, “[w]e’ll work on something a little more concise when the hamsters are up to speed.” I like the fact that a thread with all that useful info is stickied right at the top, but it seems that the length of the thread might be off-putting for newcomers.

I know this isn’t high priority for y’all unpaid moderators, so I’d be willing to go through the thread and consolidate all the moderator’s posts and all the useful links and stuff, with the correct coding, and email the final ready-to-post mass to manhattan (or whoever) to use as the basis for a more concise version of the thread. I like doing that kind of anal retentive stuff, anyway. Would that be useful?

An eager young poster trying to suggest something to make the board better? :eek: It must be Halloween! Back, you spawn of Satan! :wink:

You mean organizing all the useful reference sites in one post? That sounds like a good idea. I would be glad to review your effort.

And if you want to create a format suitable for a webpage (with a description of each site), I would be glad to put it here. I tried to do something similar to your idea a long time ago, but I never finished. Of course you would get full credit.

OK; suitable documents are on their way to you for perusal.

Make sure to get that in writing from this wily Swiss bastard, zut. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could pitch a sofa.

Just out of curiosity, how do you pitch a sofa?

Overhand or underhand?

Why is it that I always feel like I’m the Elmer Fudd to Ukulele Ike’s Bugs Bunny?

Just so long as it’s not Bugs Bunny in a dress. That one fools me every time.

Oops, just saw this.

Zut, you’re exactly right – this is one of those things that’s important to do, but it never seems important to do now, so I haven’t done it.

I’d certainly appreciate it if you could bring that stuff together, and I’ll happily replace the current sticky thread.

Thank you for your efforts on this.

…did I ever tell you about the time Arnold and my Aunt Tilly went into the malamute business together? Auntie was going to stick to the chopping and baking, and AW was going to contribute his “public relations know-how” and “marketing expertise.”

Three weeks later, Tilly showed up at the kitchen to find it completely staffed with Mexican illegals, the locks changed, and the “Aunt Tilly’s Homemade Malamute Pies” signs replaced with “Global WinkelriedCo.”

Hey, you!

Yeah, you.

I see you’ve got your eye on the 7-foot queen-size navy blue convertible.

EXCELLENT eye, my man. I can see you’re a fellow with the very best of taste.

Only one previous owner…a little old lady who only used it to ball the church deacons on Sunday afternoons.

The manager will KILL me for this, but just for you, I’ll call it a floor model…he wants me to get a grand, but for YOU, seven hundred bucks takes it away.

Okay, six seventy five. And I’ll toss in a free throw pillow.

Ike, were you working at a resale shop here in Chicago a few years ago? I came home from work one day and found that the “love seat” that my wife had asked me if she could buy was actually a seven-foot long couch that had to be brought in through the living room window because it wouldn’t fit through the doorway. Her explanation was that since it only had two cushions it had be be a love seat.

On the plus side, it’s big enough for me to stretch out on and nap comfortably.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a question about the new GQ FAQ that zut wrote. Will other members get to read and make suggestions to the document before it’s laminated?

Well, maybe that’s a good idea. The currect sticky thread is essentially an ad hoc list of suggestions anyway, and I personally think there’s some areas that crop up frequently in GQ questions but are unaddressed in the reference list (specifically, computers/MSoft programs/WWW/viruses and non-Judeo-Christian religions). On the other hand, a suggestion process might be more work than it’s worth if it produces hundreds of suggestions that need to be winnowed down. I’d be happy to do the grunt work of consolidating suggestions (if needed), but I would think that in any case one of the Staff would need to make the final decision on appropriateness and utility of each link.

My personal thought was that it would be nice if the new, shorter thread would be a “dynamic” document rather than “laminated”; the links within could be occasionally updated and added to, as needed, much like Arnold occasionally updates the FAQs here in ATMB. Just MHO, though.

Also, it’s probably a misstatement to say I “wrote” this FAQ, since I really just copied and collated what’s already in the stickied thread. Although I admit to adding in some of my own favorite reference links.

That’s a good point. In that case, let me rephrase my question, since I don’t really care about anyone else. Will I get to read and make suggestions to the document before it’s laminated?

Sorry zut I didn’t finish looking at your proposal this week-end, but from what I saw so far it looks good. I’m checking each link to make sure there are no overly annoying pop-up ads etc. Some of the sites I had originally on my web page had to be removed because they started adding annoying advertisements.
Achernar - I would be willing to go through this exercise periodically, let’s say once a month, but I don’t want this to be a full-time job. If zut is willing to review the list with some additions in a month or so then you could put your suggestions in then.