About the coin mutilation deal...

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Why is it, if mutilation of currency is illegal, that there are machines, such as the ones at Six Flags in Houston, that take $0.51 (two quarters and a penny), and spit out a lengthened, oval-shaped and slightly curved penny with an imprint of your choice of Warner Brothers characters?

Mutilating currency is not illegal. Mutilating it for fraudulent purposes is. Unless you try to pass off your new penny as a 10 Bugsyan piece from WileyCoyoteland at a currency exchange counter, it isn’t fraudulent.

Aah okay. Thanks for that clarification.

In olden days, when coins were turned out one at a time with a hammer and a pair of dies, such tricks were not uncommon. And there was widespread fraud in the US in 1883 when a new nickel came out with only a “V” on it, without the word “cents”; sharpies would gild them and pass them off as 5-dollar gold pieces.