About to buy a Playstation Vita - yes? no?

I played a lot of games as a kid but stopped when I was around 22. I’ve never had a handheld system before. For the last 10 years or so I’ve mostly played flash games and stuff on my phone. In that time I had an original xBox that got a fair amount of use, a Playstation 3 that I sold after a few months due to lack of interest, and a Wii that’s currently getting dusty.

I’m going to be travelling a lot in the next few months and thought I might enjoy a Vita. $250 seems like a banging deal for the specs. Will I regret it? Will it end up sitting around unused? Talk me out of it, I guess. Or into it.

Well, sales-wise it’s done absolutely horrible, and there don’t seem to be that many new games planned for it in the future. If there are some games out there that look fun and you really see yourself carrying a Vita around to game on, then go for it, but I think for most people it’s stuck in an awkward place between a home console (more powerful in all respects but not mobile) and a cell phone (cheaper, already have, doesn’t look nerdy in public, etc.)


Seems to be plenty of games available and in production, considering it’s a new system.

Not sure why you’d buy this thing, frankly. It doesn’t look like a promising platform.

What titles are on it that you want?

I’ll get Need For Speed when it comes out, and I’m holding out hope that they’ll release a version of Gran Turismo for it. I’d love if I could get GTA3 on it somehow, but I haven’t done a lot of research. It’s supposed to be backwards compatible with all PSP games, but not all of them are in whatever Sony calls their app store. I’ve never had a PSP, so I don’t know if that means much.

If I buy it this weekend, I’ll probably start with Little Big Planet, which I found dull on the PS3 the 10 minutes I played it, but there’s not much else that’s out right now and is compelling. Then I’ll probably just see what’s cheap in the app store. I’m seriously coming from “Where’s My Water” at this point, so it clearly doesn’t take much to entertain me :slight_smile:

eta: I mostly just want something that I can carry around and play games on that isn’t a phone, because there’s a limit to how involving a game can be when the screen is also the interface. There’s a good chance I’d be happy with a DS, but… shiny! new! You know how it goes.

I have one and love love love the hardware and was a big proponent of it on these boards but, alas, I haven’t played it in about 3 months due to the fact that games are trickling out for it and the ones that come out aren’t all great.

If you do get it MLB the Show, Super Stardust, MvC and Motorstorm RC are all very good games. Uncharted is great. Little Big Planet was great on the PS3, maybe I’ll have to get it on the Vita too.

If it was me, I would wait until the fall to buy one because there is going to be AT LEAST a $50 price cut at a minimum, if not more.

I personally think the 3DS is a better investment, especially with the XL coming out, but it DOES depend on the type of games you want.