About your CPAP machine....?

What kind of mask do you use and do you like it? I slung my headgear off recently and snapped it like a twig. I am sleepy all the time right now. So, I have been shopping around. I don’t like the head gear (thus I fling it off into the night so often - in my sleep) and was wondering what every other apnea patient is using? There are some face only setups that I am curious about.

Well, I’m fortunate enough not to have mild enough sleep apnea that I don’t need a CPAP machine, just a tennis ball. However, folks have talked about their CPAPs in these threads. You also may want to do a search on apnea.

Good luck with it.

how long have you been using your machine? I used to fling my mask off too in the early days, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I have no experience with the smaller, headgear-less versions, but it seems to me those would fall off easier when you move around. It just takes time to get used to it.

Here’s my mother’s answer:

Right now I’m using the nasal aire mask. It’s more comfortable than the other masks that I’ve used during the two years that I’ve had the machine, but I still take it off at night. This page shows pictures of the masks that I’ve used. I’ve worn the comfort classic, the breeze with nasal pillows, and one more that I can’t find a picture of right now. Good luck finding something that works for you.