Absentee ballots from the future

My state went through redistricting this year, and as a result, I received a new voter ID card today. I noticed that I have a different registration number…which surprised me a bit.

Then I remembered that I just…like two days ago…applied for an absentee ballot for the upcoming election, and that I had to use my registration number for it application.

I went to my county Supervisor of Election’s web page today to check the status of the ballot, and much to my surprise, it was already mailed.

Not only was it mailed…but it was mailed this coming Thursday!

Now…Florida isn’t exactly known for it’s ability to handle an election…so I guess this shouldn’t be TOO surprising…right?



You need to cover your time-travelling tracks better!

I know, right? And I didn’t even get an opportunity to change history…or, in this case, the future.

Oh…and btw. The ballot arrived today. Just one (ONE) (1!!!) day before it’s being mailed!
And they say the USPS is inefficient.

Don’t get used to it. You know in the future mail delivery will only be 3 days a week!

But which three days? It doesn’t matter! We’ve got a time machine!