I just received my absentee ballot!!

I just got my absentee ballot via email. I’m eager to fill it out and send it in. I’ve deceided it’s extra important to vote this year since Florida is such an important state in this year’s election.

Now the only thing I have to do is decide who to vote for. I dunno, both candidates seem so compelling and motivational. It’s so hard to choose. I mean, I really want to vote this year, but this is a really tough decision. It’s a toss-up.

What do you guys think? When both candidates are equally capable and qualified, is it even fair to pick one over the other? I will have to pander over this ballot for weeks. The debates so far have only helped to build my respect and admiration for both of them. I mean it was back and forth–one great point after another from each of them. It’s a good thing I dont have regular access to television. All those campaign ads would further confuse my already rattled brain.

So, have any of you been able to decide who gets your vote in November? How’d you do it?

Geez, people. I was being sarcastic.

Anyway, I need a favor. Could someone with access to an old fashioned fax machine please fax my ballot for me? They will not accept an emailed ballot. They will only accept mailed and faxed ballots. Most everyone I know who usually fax documents for me are all voting for the other guy. So I’d rather not email them. They might forget to fax it or something.

But seriously, I trust them, but I’d rather not get into a discussion of “WHY!!?! WHY are you voting for him? My guy is better, your guy is an idiot.” I need an uninterested person to just take my email and fax it for me.

Any takers?