Do you plan on voting early?

I just read that in Michigan (where I live), a person can cast their ballot up to 45 days before Election Day. That means I can cast my ballot on September 19. Forty-one days from today! And damn skippy, I will be. That way, even if I get croaked sometime in late September or October, I’ll have done my part for humanity.

So will you be voting early? And how early can you vote in your state?

  • Yes
  • No
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Nebraska here. I’m not sure but I intend to find out.

Yes, but I kinda have to. I’m an expat, living in Australia. I’ll get my ballot via email; and I’ll be sending it back the fastest possible way, hang the expense.

Maybe. Inertia rules my life. I’ve been getting mail-in ballots for years here in CA, but about 80% of the time I just drop them off on election day. The fact that for the last 14 years (and bizarrely at two different residences!) the nearest drop-off point has literally been a five minute walk from where I live has kinda encouraged that behavior. For that whole period it’s genuinely been more effort to go to a Post Office or find a mailbox (not much more, but more) :wink:.

That said I’m more likely than not to make that minimal exertion this year. I tend to more often in presidential elections.

I certainly will here in Texas. I have had a general habit of early voting in pretty much every election since I first started, and I don’t plan to stop that this year.

I vote in an all vote by mail state. Looking it up, ballots will begin getting mailed to voters on October 14. If it we’re just the presidential election, I’d fill it out and send it back right away, but I usually have to sit down and work my way through the voters’ pamphlet on the initiatives and lesser offices. I might be motivated to do that early this year, but I also might drop it off in person on election day.

That does not by any means indicate that I think this election is anything but the most important one in lifetime.

I’m inclined to do so. We can cast ours in late October.

I’ve always voted in person and I plan to this year. (In New York, you need to state a reason why you can’t vote in person and want an absentee ballot.) I will do it this year especially because I think the Trump administration will probably interfere with mail-in votes.

Actually, come to think of it, I have the option to fax in my ballot. Normally I wouldn’t, even though it goes straight to the County Supervisor of Election’s office; it just feels wrong, no longer ‘secret’.
This time, though…well, I’ve a month or two to weigh it in my mind.

Due to covid my state is letting everyone vote by mail this year. And there are convenient drop boxes in most towns where we can drop off the ballot. I’ll probably vote shortly after the ballot arrives, and drop it off at town hall at the next convenient opportunity. I’m pretty sure i already know who I’m voting for. There are a couple of ballot items, but i expect to know how I’ll vote on those before I get the ballot, or shortly thereafter.

My state is all mail-in or dropbox. One year, I voted a few weeks early, but the following week one of the city council candidates was arrested for beating his wife. So now I wait until the week before the election.

If memory serves, if you croak before the election, your vote is not supposed to be counted.

In answer to your question, yes, I will vote early this year. I will have my absentee ballot printed, marked, sealed, etc., and postmarked on the earliest permitted date for this year’s election. Given that I’ll be sending it to a rural precinct in Georgia, I’m fairly certain that I’ll just be going through an exercise; however, I feel it important to bolster the number of known votes for the Republicans’ chosen ones by one.

You guys are all missing the most crucial factor of this issue.

If I don’t show up to vote in person, how do I get my sticker?

Yup. Arizona here, where you can request to be put on the permanent mail-in voters list. I plan to fill mine out the day it arrives.

Texas resident. Early voting begins, I believe, Oct. 13. Although I meet the 65-or-older cutoff for mail-in balloting, I’ll risk catching the COVID and vote in person.

I’ve been a permanent vote-by-mail voter for a few years now so I’ll continue to do that. Any voter here in California can vote by mail; you don’t need to state a reason. The ballots are mailed to the voters 30 days before the election and counties that allow in-person early voting open their polls at that time.

The sticker was the one thing I missed when I started voting by mail. :slight_smile: Last election, they started mailing a sticker with the ballot so I now get the best of both worlds.

Probably. In my heart, I’m a “voting early is like opening your gifts before Christmas” sort of traditionalist but, in practice, I’m not dedicated enough to tradition to upset my wife by going to vote in person (no matter how many masks or hand sanitizers I bring)

Nope. I’ll vote in person when my local place opens, like I always do.

No. I’m very concerned about tampering with this election, and will certainly not be doing mail-in. I may do early vote-in-person. I am also considering signing up as a poll worker - I’m a healthy 44 year old, and my parents live out of state, so I’m not at risk of putting them in contact with COVID. Poll workers are going to be limited, since it’s usually an older demographic, and this election is critical.

Please do! I did it for years and enjoyed it very much. Meeting people in my neighborhood, helping the democratic process, all of it. I would be doing it again this election but I’m 70 so not a safe idea for me.

Try it, bet you will enjoy it. Encourage other right-minded right-aged people you know (right-minded meaning civic-minded, they don’t need to agree politically) to join in also. The corp of senior poll workers shouldn’t be facing such high risk but we will all admire you for stepping up.