Ya Vote Yet?

Yesterday was the first day for early voting here in TN, and when I went to vote, the polling place was jammed with people. There were fewer people voting on Election Day in 2004 than I saw today. According to news accounts, the turnout today has broken records. I’m wondering how many folks in places with early voting have taken advantage of it.

Nah. I’ve never had to wait in line at the polls where I live, so I’ll be voting at the polls on Nov. 4th.

Yup. Voted by overseas absentee ballot a couple weeks ago.

I don’t think we have early voting in Missouri, though I could have gotten an absentee ballot. But I kind of like to go in person and flirt with the ladies working at my polling place and chat with the people in line. A couple weeks ago, there were apparently rumors going around that there might be some kind of problem with voting in my county. The county elections official was quoted in a front page article, assuring people that even tornadoes would not alter his schedule. He actually said the polls would be open for elections as planned “even if the earth opens up and swallows people.” I LOVE that; you just have to go to the polling place when you have people like that running the election.

I should be getting my ballot any day now. In Oregon we are required to vote by absentee ballot. I hate it. I like going to the polling place and pushing the little pushpin through.

As it is, my voting process will be like this… over the next few weeks or so I’ll read the ballot measure pamphlet and the candidates pamphlet. Nov. 3rd I’ll fill out my ballot at my computer desk. November 4th, I’ll stop by the library and drop off my ballot into the ballot box drop off location. That way I still get to feel like I “went and voted.”

Yep. Mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday.

For the first time we live within walking distance of our polls, so we’ll go together, after work, and walk down there on the 4th.

Nope, although they’ve set up early voting at my school. I’ve decided to wait until Election Day, just to fully experience the ritual of the thing. The actual polling place is about half a block from my house. I’m going to drag the kids along so the big one can watch the little one while I’m in the booth and both of them can see how the whole thing works.

First time voting, at 33 years old!

I voted tonight and will turn in my ballot tomorrow.

I voted on TN’s second day, & the joint was packed!

Big turnout!

Push your friends and family and neighbors to vote absentee/early. If it can be done and counted and in the bank and we won’t have to worry as much about lines on Election Day, that makes my life a WHOLE lot easier.

Voted earlier this week by absentee ballot.

Mailed in my absentee ballot on September 29.

I signed up for permanent absentee status years ago when I used to do a lot of business travel. I’m pretty much decided and will probably fill out the ballot today and mail it in tomorrow.

Yep. I really love Tennessee’s early voting. In and out in a couple of minutes, no worries about lines on election day. Why doesn’t the whole country do this? In fact, why isn’t election day a national holiday???

Nov 4th. for me. I’m still undecided on a few of the props. in CA.

It was either vote early by absentee or not vote. I sent mine in when I got it, over a week ago. Maybe two weeks.

Yes. No way I want to stand in line. Tuesdays are a lousy day for voting. I have to work at least 10 hours that day.

Yep. Voted absentee last week. I wish Oregon had an in-person voting system as an option, though; I’ve never gotten to push the little button and I’d like to.

Early voting started in Nevada yesterday, but couldn’t make it.
Went today and voted Obama.
It was quite busy, had to wait in line and this was at about 1:30 PM.

BTW, just in Clark County (metropolitan Las Vegas) there were over 25,000 voters yesterday, the first day. Last election in 2004, over 50% of Nevada voted early.