Is anyone here voting early, if your area offers it?

I did; in my case, I ordered an absentee ballot and sent it in later in the day that I got it. The county I live in started it yesterday, at the libraries. I volunteer at one branch on Monday, and yesterday, they had about 5 polling stations set up in a meeting room - and had a line at one point! :cool: I heard on my local news that about 800 people have taken advantage of it so far.

I help restock the self-service bookstore in the room they have to walk through to get to those rooms, and people were buying books left and right. This is really great for us, because not only are they supporting the library, we have an awful lot of overstock in our back room.

Everyone in Washington votes by mail. The ballots go out about two weeks before election day. I almost always vote within the first few days after they arrive. It’s all quite civilized.

Same here in Oregon.

I received my voter pamphlet last week, have reviewed it and determined all my choices for both candidates and ballot initiatives.

Today is the last day for Oregonians to register to vote.

Ballots will be mailed tomorrow. I’ll have mine on Thursday. I will complete it drop it off at a collection site on Friday. I could mail it, but I like delivering it directly.

Within another day or two, I’ll be able to verify it has been counted.

Love this system.

I always vote by mail in CA. I will be filling out my ballot this weekend.

It’s all absentee balloting here, too, but I stopped voting early the year the city council member was arrested on domestic violence charges a week or two before election day. Now I mail it in a day or two before the deadline.

I voted “early absentee” which functionally is the same as early voting here in Arlington, VA. We show up at the Courthouse and fill out forms, and since we work outside of the county (in DC) we qualify to vote early absentee.

My wife and I sent in our absentee ballots a couple weeks ago. We get to vote only in Federal elections. In this case, there was only one race, for HR in IL-13. According to Nate Silver the Dem has one chance in 4 of winning. We can only hope. At this point, I would vote for Caligula’s horse’s dog if it were running as a Dem.

I got my Ohio absentee ballot last week. I think I’m still trying to figure out Issue 1 so I haven’t voted yet.

I have to work at the polls (talking to people about our local issue) and I don’t want to be too busy to vote so I’m making sure I vote absentee.

Live early voting is only in Akron which is too far away.

Early voting starts here next week. I do like the ritual of going in person and filling out the ballot. Plus I like the little sticker.

I’m not even come close to decided on all the races. I’m not yet ready to vote.

If I’m already decided how to vote — which I usually am — I drop my ballot off within a day of getting it. Reason: very shortly after my name shows up on the “vote submitted” list, the robocalls and mailers stop.

Already voted absentee, and it’s been received in Florida. I kind of have to; I live in Australia.
I got the voting material emailed to me a few weeks ago, spent a few days researching the various initiatives, filled out my ballot and mailed it in. Express post - cost me 40AUD, but I wanted the tracking.

Sacramento County is one of seven counties in California that are all mail in. But you CAN go to certain locations and put your sealed ballot in a box for pickup. Abut a week before the election, my city’s town hall has voting machines. I voted by machine in the primary, and will do so again in the general. I don’t trust mail in, even if the county clerk’s website lets you know if they got your ballot.

I already voted (by absentee ballot) for the black woman running for Congress in my district.

Did she by chance say she would not vote for Trump in 2016 and ask him to pull out of the race?

In NC, we have a byzantine system. Registration ended last Friday. Early voting starts today and runs through the Saturday before elections, but only at a few, more centralized polling stations, but you can early vote at any one of them in your county, as long as you’re registered somewhere within that county, and you can do same-day registration at any early voting site. On election day, you can only vote at your assigned station, and there’s no same-day registration.

On Friday I’m going with a bunch of teachers to vote en masse, and then going out for dinner afterward. I’m also signing up to stand outside some of the early voting sites passing out endorsements from what passes for a teacher union in NC.

We have early voting in Florida and I am going to take advantage of it next Saturday, the first possible day. I got a mailing that implies that I can drop off a sealed ballot, but I don’t trust it because it was mailed from a Democratic-leaning organization and so 1) is not official and thus could be inaccurate, and 2) I’m paranoid that officials might “lose” these dropped off ballots if they tended to lean one way due to a one-sided push to use this method.

I just sent back my ballot in Ohio.

I could vote absentee or go to the early voting center in our county. But, my polling location is for several precincts and always has plenty of machines that there is no wait. It is literally easier than absentee or early voting. Plus, it is nice to go into a polling location on the day of voting.

I am happy that there are options for those for which this is not the case.

Personally, I enjoy the tradition of going down to the polling station on that November Tuesday, and I can make it work with my schedule, so that’s what I do. But I absolutely believe that the option should be available for others, because not everyone’s schedule is as accommodating as mine.