Have you voted yet?

  • Yes, voted by mail
  • Yes, voted early in person
  • No, will vote on November 3rd
  • No, not going to vote

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In the news I keep hearing about the astounding number of people who have already voted by mail, the various states trying to impede the process, and the massive push to vote early.

Just wondering where people are at this election cycle.

For me, I voted in person this past Friday.

Yes. I filled out my mail-in ballot and used the drop box a few blocks away from my apartment.

I’ll be voting November 3rd. If I die before then, I’ll regret not having voted by mail.

You left out, “not yet, but soon.” Washington ballots go out this week, I think. I’ll vote as soon as I am able. Of course, that’s no surprise, since we have no other option.

I completely forgot some states haven’t sent sent ballots out yet. I guess I should’ve also asked whether people had to request a ballot or if they are automatically mailed out.

Not yet, but soon. We’ve had the ballots for a while but I had to complete the research on all the candidates first.

Colorado is sending out the ballots this week to everyone. You don’t have to request one. I will fill it out and drop it in a drop box at the office of the County Clerk. Not going to mail it back.

We don’t get mail delivery to our house, so I’m checking our PO Box for it. That’s a 30 minute drive each way. I check it about every other day.

Yep. Voted absentee and dropped it off at the county courthouse.

I voted last Tuesday and brought my wife’s mail-in ballot directly to our central voting office the week before that.

This year, I’ve discovered a great way to streamline the process. Go to the local/city/county Republican website. Look at the list of endorsements. Cross off the names that are on your ballot from consideration for your vote.

Yes, this. For a state that does only vote-by-mail, I’m surprised how late we are getting ballots compared to other states. (And the only data point I have on this is that the voter’s guide, which I did receive, says “Ballots mailed by Oct 16.”)

OTOH, I have seen photos of Colorado ballots by Coloradan friends on Facebook, so they’ve sent at least some of them!

We have historically had a principle of considering all candidates fairly, but this time we felt anyone identifying as a Republican but not stridently and vocally opposed to Trump could not in good conscience be considered. We have a number of local races where Republicans are running unopposed. I looked each of them up and they were either hyper-religious, racist, or gun nuts. That’s what I get for trying to be fair.

I like to consider each candidate on their merits and have voted for a few Republicans over the years. In particular, I voted for Arlen Specter when he ran for the senate and I was very happy with him.

In person early voting doesn’t start here in Maryland until Oct. 27. But I’ll be there sometime that week, not that we have much to worry about here.

My state does in-person early voting but that doesn’t start til next week. I will be doing that, since it is literally across the street from work.

Why yes, I showed up at the polling station yesterday to cast my ballot. (We are talking about the Viennese state election, aren’t we?)

Dropped my ballot off at the courthouse a week ago and a few days later got a text saying it was received and will be counted.

News reports from suburban Atlanta this morning showed incredibly long lines of early in person voters. Apparently the nation’s media has done a decent job informing the public of possible Republican ratfuckery with mail in ballots and reduced numbers of voting locations.

It would be very cool if all the dirty legal tricks end up being pointless because of the way Dems got themselves to the polls in overwhelming numbers. If it happens like that, expect states with red legislatures to be reducing early voting periods before 2022.

I’ve had my ballot a while, but was waiting for my husband’s to arrive. Once we get around to filling them out, I plan to carry them both to the main drop box location (if I wait a little longer, I may be able to run some other errands that day as well).

I plan to vote as soon as I receive my ballot. According to Oregon’s voter registration website, my ballot will be mailed on October 14th.