Absolutely Beautiful Diving Video From Fiji And Tonga...

This is a wonderful video in full screen, darn near HD showing aquatic sea life in all its vibrancy. Stunningly beautiful.

Very, very relaxing video… thank you for sharing!

Hey, no problem! Its like living inside an aquarium.

Thanks for sharing. I even got hubby to watch this one. :slight_smile:

C’mon people! Its like living inside an aquarium. Who doesn’t want that?

I wish I had the patience and time to learn to shoot underwater video. I’ve been to Fiji, and I wanted to share the underwater scenery with my non-diving friends, but I don’t have the writing or speaking ability to do it justice.

So, I just make sure I travel with good shooters, and link to their stuff on Facebook. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been feeling the gotta-get-in-the-water jones for a while now. This helped take a bit of the edge off.

Some of my best shots are from Fiji…stills, not video. But they show the beauty of the place. And this was with my old 2mp camera, and an on board flash. <if only I had the newer rig back then…>

Yes…Fiji is an amazing place, both above and underwater.


Thank you for the wonderful video and soothing music. I only hope that we preserve this for future generations to enjoy. As it is we seem to be in a race to destroy the planet and its irreplaceable life-sustaining variety and habitats.

Gah. We dove in February after a hiatus of over a decade and now I want to go again whines