Abu Musab Zarqawi

Does the case of Abu Musab Zarqawi prove a connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq?



Powell’s arguement did sound convincing didn’t it, except for a couple of nagging facts:

  1. This guy was hiding out with a terrorist group called Ansar al-Islam in the Northern area of Iraq that I hear
    is either under the control of Kurds or completely independent. The fact that this area is not under Iraqi
    control is not disputed.

  2. Their leader, Mullah Krekar, is living in Norway because Saddam tried to have him killed. Ansar al-Islam is no fan of Saddam’s secular regime in Iraq. They like Osama, however.


  1. So he had a leg cut off in Baghdad and while he was recovering invited some friends to stay in Baghdad. OK. But there
    is no evidence that he has had direct contact with high-ranking Iraqi officals who are chummy with Saddam,
    there is no evidence that Saddam or any high-ranking official provided him and his group with shelter in one
    of Saddam’s many palaces, evidence that the administration has against another Arab nation, where an
    individual related to the royal family of this country not only provided shelter to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed,
    the “mastermind” behind the 9-11 attacks but also helped him escape when the FBI and CIA were closing in.
    That country is Qatar, our ally in the war against Iraq.


According to the FBI and CIA, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is believed to be planning more terrorist attacks against Americans.

Thanks, Florentine.