Abuse of power not an issue in 2020 election - Gallup

I was trying to find out just how important presidential abuse of power is to potential voters in 2020.

Gallup surveyed potential voters on 16 major issues but did not ask about abuse of power.

Did Gallup give a wildly distorted picture of 2020 concerns (maybe because it tries to ask the same questions each election)?

I haven’t yet found another poll to compare this one to.

In fairness, Gallup also doesn’t list the makeup of the Supreme Court, “draining the swamp,” the deep state, or a bunch of other issues. They asked about 16 issues. I’d imagine if they tried to cram in many more, people would stop responding entirely.

I clicked the link. One tidbit I noticed is that Ds on average find 5.1 of the issues to be “extremely important” while R’s find only 3.2 extremely important. (This renders one of their tables somewhat silly.) According to Gallup, whichever Party is NOT in power tends to find more issues to be extremely important.