Abusive moderator's decision

Dear SDMB Moderators and Administrators,
I initiated a poll thread on the Universe within the IMHO section about 12 hours ago. Three times, because I kept making mistakes. About six hours later I posted it correctly and the thread was going fine. I had reported the messed up threads myself and apologized for the inconveniences. I am still sorry.

A few minutes ago I noticed that Moderator Idle Thoughts had merged my poll thread on the Universe with an older one of mine, on morality, here. My latest poll on the Universe (the correct one) had vanished. Here is the justification for this decision:

Several questions remain, in my opinion:

  1. Why was my correct poll on the Universe deleted? (I cannot provide a link or any evidence for its correctness since it no longer shows on the board.)
  2. Why was the thread on the Universe merged with the one on morality?
  3. Why am I forbidden to initiate a new poll on the Universe?

I find the moderator’s actions ill-meant and abusive. Please tell me what I am supposed to do.
Best regards

Reported for wrong forum.

Complaints about moderation go in About This Message Board, not the Comments forum.

  1. Read the forum descriptions so you’ll know where to put complaints.:wink:
  2. Don’t assume the moderator’s action to be “ill meant and abusive.” In cases like this, it’s best to contact the moderator in question by email or PM to find out the reasons the moderator took the action he did, and possible courses of action. If you still don’t like the response, you’re free to go to ATMB.

It was a mistake. I mistook your morality poll with yet another (failed) attempt of making your universe poll. I reread it again (after you sent your PM and made this topic) and saw my error and have since split the posts into two topics again, however the poll that was on your universe topic is gone now (due to that topic having been merged).

So, to answer your three questions:

  1. It wasn’t deleted, that thread was just merged with the morality one (in which case, the poll disappears automatically). You can feel free to remake this if you wish (but I will close the one already made here if you do so).
  2. Because I thought the morality one was yet another (a 4th) failed universe one.
  3. You’re not. Feel free to recreate a new universe poll.

I apologize to you for my mistake.

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I wear glasses. It’s the hairy palms that really make typing difficult.

Thank you for doing your best to undo the harm and forgive me for labeling your actions “ill-meant and abusive.”
Best regards

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I PM’d them a safe word, but I’ve never had to use it.

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