Abusive moderator's decision

This thread is Roman off the point. (And we all know what happened to the Romanovs!)

They were Romanoffed?

Jokes about Romans are legion.

Fish Roe-man.
The eggs of a walleye pollock, salted and prepared to perfection in a seasoned broth. As a man."

Q: What’s the difference between an angry circus owner and a Roman barber?

A: One is a raving showman, and the other is a shaving Roman

Well, now that we have demonstrated to the OP what the Dope is really all about…where has he/she gone???

he/she can’t handle the abuse!

(if he/she thougth closing a thread was abusive, just wait till the Mods really don’t like him/her)

Don’t be ridiculous. The mods love us all – equally – like parents love their children. Each uniquely different, but each just as much!

Eh. More or less.

Raise my allowance, Daddy.

Huh? Mine was raised 1000% just yesterday. They must not love you as much as they love me.

Technically true, I suppose, if you consider that “love you all equally” is just another way of saying “hate you all equally.”

Polish Pilanski? Who knew?

All Dopers are unique, special and lovable snowflakes. Unless they start threads and never return. Duh.

I’ve had polanski before. Sort of a peirogi-type thing, isn’t it?

All wet, full of holes and ready to melt down at a moment’s notice?

Sounds accurate.

They even like the naughty ones, apparently.

Lucky for us!