Academy Award predictions

My predictions for the nominations will be even more movies no one sees. This year more than ever. Hollywood will, with the possible exception of a cartoon, only nominate pretentious boring movies for best picture. They do this anyways, but due to the election not going their way, are going to try to show the dumb mouth-breathing middle Americans that the movies that are popular are for idiots. The truly enlightened coastal people know what’s good. Also a good drinking game to play during the show would be to take a shot of whiskey every time someone says Trump, Russian hackers, or popular vote. You’ll be wasted inside of 30 minutes.

Pardon? Exactly who do you think makes and comprises the largest audience for all of these popular movies “for idiots”?

Hint: it ain’t Middle 'Murica.

Try again.

Manchester By The Sea is the favorite to win, I think.

I watched the Critics Choice Awards the other day and had not heard of most of the movies up for best picture such as Manchester By The Sea and La La Land. Are they fairly recent releases?

‘Truly enlightened coastal people’, Bahahahahaha! Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh for today. Probably will still be laughing about it tomorrow.

I’m sensing this isn’t really a thread about movies.

Yes, which is deliberate. Blatant Oscar bait is often released late. It’s fresher in voters’ minds.

In the specific case of “Machester By The Sea,” for example, the movie was actually premiered in January at Sundance - but was not commercially released. It was then screened at just a few elite film festivals like Toronto, Telluride and New York, and was then finally released November 18. Obviously they weren’t holding it back because they lost the film in someone’s junk drawer.

“La La Land” was just released last week, and even then only in five theatres on its nominal release date. It was ready for release long ago but was deliberately delayed to allow for sneak peeks at film festivals to gather awards buzz.

I should point out, though, that these are not rare, niche films by unknowns. “Manchester By The Sea” is a Casey Affleck film, and Affleck has a lot of famous movies to his credit as director, producer, and actor, and his co star is Michelle Williams, a pretty accomplsihed and well known actress. “La La Land” stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, both hot young stars, and also has J.K. Simmons, a very popular actor who won an Oscar two years ago.

It actually really is a thread about movies and what Hollywood thinks is good. The hollywood people who vote for these pictures are pretentious smug little twits who wouldn’t know a classic or innovative movie if it bit them. And its been this way for decades. In 1978 Star Wars lost to Annie “freakin” Hall.

Annie Hall was a movie that spoke to the times more than Star Wars did. Don’t know what to tell ya. Go watch Titanic or ROTK or Forrest Gump if you want B. Picture winning audience pleasers.

I’ve always found that the Academy picks movies that I think are worthy of winning, at least in the case of the ones that I’ve seen.

I’ve discussed in other threads my awed reaction to Spotlight, which I still think is the best film of the decade.

I consider the summer to be the dead season for movies, when there’s nothing worth seeing, because the theaters are filled with the types of movies that I don’t watch. OTOH, December is the best movie month of the year, because it’s when Oscar-bait (i.e. the movies I like most) are playing.

My taste is clearly much closer to that of the Academy than to either that of the general public or the average member of this message board, but that doesn’t make it better, just different.

I watched 6 of the 8 best picture nominees this past year. The best movie I saw last year was one of the 6. It didn’t win, but the winner was very good.

Really good movies aren’t necessarily really fun or really easy or really popular. That doesn’t mean good movies have to be a chore, but they aren’t necessarily going to be blockbusters.

There’s already an Oscar thread going.

But Annie Hall is way better than Star Wars

Star Wars is 40 years old next year.

Still complaining about its B. Picture loss is akin to whining, in 1977, that The Life of Emile Zola wasn’t the best picture of 1937.

In short, let it go. It’s been four freakin’ decades.


If this was meant to be a thread about movies, it sure started off the wrong way. I don’t see this thread going anywhere productive with an OP like that.