Acai berry ad girl: Who is she?

Maybe this question has been asked before, but I can’t pull up any relevant thread on it, using the Search function.

Does anybody know who the model is who poses as the reporter/journalist in all these blasted “açai berry exposed” adverts on the banner and columns of the SD and SDMB pages?

I ask because she’s ALWAYS in one of the ads my SDMB interface, and she’s teh HAWT. :wink:

(p.s. I realize that people might see different ads based on their geographic area, and that many Dopers might use ad-blocking software, and thus not see the gal at all. But if you know the girl and the ads I’m talkin’ 'bout, can I get an answer? Or at least an “Hell yeah! She IS hawt!” ? Thanks.)

Mélissa Theuriau. And bad news: she’s married.

Even in the wrong forum, Dopers come through.

Moving to General Questions anyway.

She is not a model but a newsreader. And she does not pose for those ads, they are using her image without her permission.

Wow, where on earth do you folks learn this stuff??


She’s been discussed on the SDMB before – though my fastest way of getting to her Wiki article is via that for her husband, since he was the greengrocer’s assistant Lucien in my favourite French movie, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

Google+Wiki :slight_smile: (despite being French I didn’t know her).

The factoid about “açai berry” using her image without her consent (and apparently giving her another name and presenting her as an anchor on CNN) was one of the first links that came up in the french version of google (might be different in english)
Now, when you’ll ask about an arctic island with a ludicrusly small population you never heard of and will read posts from several people who actually went there, you’ll have the right to be surprised at the kind of answers you can get here.

Chaps who have heard of Melissa tend not to forget.