Acapella Nintendo themes.

This is just too damned cool.


Now, as far as I can tell, it’s

Super Mario main theme, Dr. Mario, Super Mario “invincible”, Tetris, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Dungeon and Legend of Zelda.

Did I miss any?

claps the tetris background is a nice touch.

You forgot

Hammer Brothers music from SM3

In addition,

the piece opens with the SMB “level cleared” music and ends with the SMB “game over” music

The “antics” are funny as well. I especially like the turning on the NES (complete with blowing into the cart) and Luigi sitting on the sidelines as Mario does his action (watch for his Smash Brothers taunt after Mario dies).

And one nitpick: I realize the line is a joke, but I like killing jokes. The introduction features a line that the choir is about to perform “original music from Japan.” I realize the joke is that it technically is (but not the way you expect it to be), but there is one Russian and one American game in the medley as well.

You guy’s also forgot the Mario Bros. Underground theme.

That was awesome, I was impressed the audience recognized all the songs. I sometimes forget how massive an influence was Nintendo was back in the day.

I recall a triva piece stating that in the late 80s and early 90s, Mario was more recognizable by children than even Mickey Mouse.

Another nitpick: Mortal Kombat wasn’t an NES game. I don’t even think it was on the SNES (Street Fighter had the claim to that). I’m pretty sure it was on the Sega Genesis, and the Sega GameGear. And I’m 100% positive that it was on the PC, because I used to play it all the time on my computer.

While you’re right about the NES, Mortal Kombat (and its three sequels) appeared on the SNES as well.

Okay, the concept’s cool, but I can’t get the video to stream more than 30 seconds worth before crapping out on me. Anyone have a link to the video in some format other than Windows Media Poop (WMP)?

I recommend you download it directly:

And, about Mortal Kombat, was that music even used in the games or just the movie?

Mortal Kombat was also on the Game Boy. I think that music came out just for the movie and wasn’t in the games.

Very cool yet oh so nerdy.

I love it!

Indeed Mortal Kombat did appear on the SNES. There was a bit of controversy since Nintendo decided to replace the blood with “sweat.” (It did look like blood on the grayscale [greenscale] Game Boy, of course.)

Indeed. From David Sheff’s Game Over (an interesting book despite the fact the author puts events in the wrong order and constantly misspells Miyamoto-san’s first name):

(Coincidentially, Nintendo recieved a license in the 1950s from Disney to put pictures of Mickey Mouse on the back of playing cards, their major business in Japan before video games. Mickey and Mario were friends longer than we thought.)

And if you knew the code you could turn it right back into blood. Ah, memories.

Those guys are awesome!

Yeah, I actually have that book, it’s great. I always wondered though how the hell they managed to screw up poor Miyamoto’s name in every instance.

Very cool. I am duly impressed.

::golf clap::

That was great!


the specific piece they sing from Dr. Mario is “Fever”

I have GOT to show this to Dan Buckvitch. He’s the director of Jazz Choir at the University of Idaho, and he’s into oddball performance pieces…maybe this’ll give him some ideas. :slight_smile:

Some quick searchin’ discovers that Redefined is an a capella group outta University of Wisconsin Madison. Their official website states that they’re pleased with the attention the video is getting.