Can you ID all these video game songs?

I recognize all but one, but alas, can’t identify all of them.

My guesses:

#1 - Chrono Trigger, 100% sure
#2- Mario Brothers underground theme, 100% sure
#3…I recognize it, but can’t place it. A part of wants to say it’s the bikeriding/workout music from Punch Out, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. 10% sure
#4 - Castlevania #2, 90% sure
#5 - No clue.
Here’s where I get even more messed up. #5 starts at 1:20, and I can’t tell if at 1:33 it’s the same music, or different. For the time being, I’ll say they are different, cause I recognize the music starting at 1:33.
#6 (1:33) - Recognize it, but that’s it.
#7 (1L43) - Again, this might be part of the previous sequence…which means what I think are three songs are one…and I recognize this, too.
#8 (1:49) - No clue.
#9 (2:07) - This might just be more of #8, but I still don’t know it.

It annoys me that I can’t place the ones I recognize…

Chrono Trigger (recognised it, wouldn’t have guessed it, if I hadn’t looked at your guesses.)
Super Mario
Mega Man - opening.
I think the next little bit is all one (the theme sounds the same the whole way through), and I vaguely recognise it, but I can’t place it.
Ends on Final Fantasy - either Crystal Theme or Prelude (the two are very similar and I never remember which is which) - the former, I think.

I’m 100% on all of them.

1. Chrono Trigger - 600 ad map
2. Super Mario Bros - underground levels
3. I’m thinking Punch-Out. One of the early fights.
4. Not sure… Sounds like a Castlevania, but I never played 2.
5. Metroid - Ridley’s area (Norfair 2?)
6. Final Fantasy (a whole bunch of 'em, but I remember it best as save point music from 6)

Clarification:[spoiler]Not the Save Point music from 6, but the Load Screen music. It’s also in that beginner house in Narshe.[/spoiler[

Dang it. Could a passing mod turn my bracket?


  1. Chrono Trigger. I think it’s the AD 600 overworld music, but I’m not sure. It’s definately Chrono Trigger though.
  2. SMB 1 underground theme.
  3. It might be the Megaman title music, but I’m not sure.
  4. Don’t know
  5. Metroid- Kraid’s Area theme
  6. Final Fantasy Prelude

[spoiler]#3 is definitely the biking scene of PunchOut, where you get your password. It’s not Megaman at all. [spoiler]

I don’t recognize anything but the first three though…

:smack: After seeing the previous coding mistakes, I made sure to preview mine and yet still screwed it up! This thread is cursed, dangit.

Well, I can darn well tell you what #4 isn’t: Castlevania. It does sound similar to the boss theme to Castlevania 1, but it’s not the same.

But is it Castlevania 2? Given that it includes SNES songs, it may even be Castlevania 4 (which I also haven’t played).

Oops. It appears to be the first couple of bars of “Bloody Tears” from Castlevania 2. Check out the midi on Mea culpa.

He does the two bars, then the third one is a riff, then he goes into Metroid.

Sickening. I recognized them all on my first listen through.

What’s what I get for blowing so much of my life on video games.

I’d post names and origins, but I don’t know how to use the spoiler box thingy.

Use {spoiler} and {/spoiler} (using the proper brackets, of course).

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Disclaimer: Time indexes not exact.

00:00 - 00:23 : Chrono Trigger, theme from 600 AD overworld.

00:24 - 00:45 : Super Mario Bros. underworld theme.

00:46 - 01:05 : Punch Out! , jogging theme.

01:06 - 01:20 : Opening bars to “Bloody Tears”, from many different Castlevania games–transitions very smoothly to the next game that it’s almost hard to notice.

01:21 - 01:48 : Metroid, Kraid’s Hideout.

01:49 - 02:15 : ‘Crystal’ theme from several Final Fantasy games.

02:15 - 02:22 : Nothing in particular. Just a short closing beat. Reminds me a little of the end of the Beethoven moonlight sonata.