Acapella versions of hit songs, please.

Help a girl home sick entertain herself.

By accident I found this youtube of UMass Dynamics performance of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And then I got a look at Take 6. They do a lot of gospel and sing one of my favorite versions of Amazing Grace. I found them doing Biggest Part of Me.

I sure would like more, please.

If you can get past the heavy cheese factor, this version of Toto’s Africa is absolutely breathtaking. Listen on headphones if you can.

I’ve seen the rainstorm part before but never knew it segued into Africa. P.S. I LOVE cheesy top 40 and am not ashamed to admit it.

Glad you get to listen to the whole thing. That final chord gets me all moist-eyed.

Look for songs by Naturally 7 and Toxic Audio. Also The Fairfield Four (if you’ve seen O Brother, Where Art Thou?, some of them are the gravediggers).

I know of one group comprised of DC cops but can’t recall their name at the moment. I know it has something to with them being cops.

Pimping my husband’s old a cappella group, the Soundbytes - they do mostly pop songs, and you can download several of their albums here.

On their first album (at the bottom) you can hear my husband’s Dave Matthews impression :smiley:

I LOVE this video.

Not exactly a “hit song” – but Straight No Chaser’s version of 12 Days of Christmas is 1> brilliant and 2> hilarious.

Take 6’s Amazing Grace. I didn’t wanna post it in the OP cuz I mostly wanted radio hits but, hey, Amazing Grace has got to be on some top 40 list somewhere.

Too many by them to list, but go search Youtube for The Flying Pickets.

Petra Haden and The Sellouts: I Can See For Miles

I was too worried that the one at the very end was gonna lose the grip on her belly and drop the baby right there to really and truly appreciate the vocal overdubbed guitars.

The Puppini Sisters’ “I Will Survive”

Moxy Fruvous did a great acapella version of the Bee Gee’s I’ve Got To Get a Message to You.

Ben Folds put together an a capella album of his own songs, and commissioned a bunch of university a capella groups to record the songs. Link to the album’s Web page. Unfortunately, no full versions available (well maybe if you hunt around there are).

There’s only one top 40 song on there, “Brick.”

Straight No Chaser – best known for their version of The 12 Days of Christmas – do some amazing a capella versions of popular songs: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Stand By Me, and Africa. (Here are several of their videos – check out “Christmas Can Can,” which is great, but not under the conditions of the OP)

Not on Youtube, but live they kill with things like Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and the Zombies’s “She’s Not There.”

I hate to be a nitpicker, Elvis but there are instruments involved. They do sound great, thought.

This one cracked me up. The Africa one is great. I might like it better than the actual song.

I’ve met them. They’re really lovely people (and cute!).

hulabahoos is the most popular of UVa’s acapella groups

The Stanford Harmonics perform Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence

The live fx are a bit over the top, but the arrangement and performance is superb.